If I could do anything within the laws of physics
Mathias Jakobsen

Imagine a device that will be invented between now and your death. It’s the device that you will be most excited about in your entire lifetime. Tell me about it. What is it? What does it do for you? Why is it the best thing?

It would do three things:

1-An algorithm, a surround, a tool of some fashion that would continually maximize my chances of encountering and engaging with, in a highly intimate manner, new cohorts who activate my ‘what-ifness’ (theorizing about the future) center.

2-It would allow me to select from all of the people that I have ever met, and place them simultaneously in an ultra high definition (i.e., real life), context where they could interact with each other completely.

3-The ability to conference together 1 and 2.

Question for you:

If you could magnify by 1,000,000 any capability your currently possess, what would it be?