How Is Rocket Mortgage Technology Amplifying Team Members’ Impact?

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By Karina Lloyd, Content Specialist, Rocket Mortgage Technology


When our passionate and motivated team members are in the driver’s seat, innovation and excellence are at the forefront. Rocket Mortgage Technology’s Innovators and Disruptors program celebrates 79 stellar individuals whose dedication to their craft and consistent curiosity has propelled Rocket Companies forward.

For these team members, work is about more than getting their to-do list done. They build personal connections, embrace cross-team collaboration and lead in all directions. They’re driven by their enthusiasm for the work they create and the impact they make on our clients.


Disruptors are a small group of outstanding team members who have critically contributed to the Rocket Companies’ mission through exemplary effort and broad impact. These team members have exhibited thought leadership, are obsessed with finding a better way and bring deep knowledge, execution and teamwork to the table. This is a group of exceptional Rocket Mortgage Technology team members who impact not only Rocket Mortgage Technology, but the entire company.


Innovators are a group of team members who play a key role within their teams in Rocket Mortgage Technology. Innovators live and breathe their craft, helping us find the inches we need every single day to continue driving toward outcomes. These high-impact team members contribute to the overall success of our Rocket Mortgage Technology teams and the overarching business.

“Rocket Technology aims to leverage the expertise of the group to expand their impact throughout the business and the overarching tech community,” explained Regulatory and Financial Technology Vice President Matt Baldwin, executive sponsor for the program.

“The collective experience of the Innovators and Disruptors group spans nearly our entire history as a company as well as a deep knowledge of our most critical systems,” Baldwin said. “Leveraging the experience and knowledge, collecting feedback on our top tech challenges, and then collaboratively working on solutions will be a key outcome.”

Throughout 2022, Innovator and Disruptor awardees will receive unique opportunities to connect with team members and leaders. The program kicked off in Q2 with an “Ask Me Anything” session hosted by Rocket Mortgage Technology Core team leaders. The Q & A format allowed for in-depth and candid conversation with questions prompted by team members.

The awardees also attended the first-ever Innovators and Disruptors event in April 2022 at our Detroit headquarters. This onsite was presented by Rocket Mortgage Technology leadership with an itinerary laser-focused on conversation and collaboration between the Innovators and Disruptors and Rocket Mortgage Technology Leadership. Innovators and Disruptors were broken into smaller groups to attend breakout sessions led by core leaders to discuss various topics impacting Rocket Mortgage Technology, such as:

  • Buy vs. Build
  • Tech Debt and Tech Enablement
  • Enterprise Level Data Strategy
  • Ownership and Decision Making
  • Alignment and Communication Across Large Initiatives
  • Rocket Platform and Rocket Mortgage Technology

Following the breakout sessions, the Innovators and Disruptors had the opportunity to ask their business and technology related questions to Rocket Mortgage Chief Executive Officer Bob Walters, Rocket Mortgage President and Chief Revenue Officer Tim Birkmeier and Rocket Mortgage Chief Information Officer Brian Woodring for a Fireside Chat. This was a powerful collaboration between our team members across Rocket Mortgage Technology and the core leaders. The onsite closed with an Innovation Workshop and Creative Thinking lightning talk led by Jordan LaFramboise, Director of the Future Labs team.

“It’s an honor and a pleasure to be chosen as one of this year’s Technology Innovators,” said Rocket Mortgage Principal Business Analyst Stefanie Bashara. “I’m excited to get to collaborate with such amazingly smart people. I know there’s a ton I can learn from them and hope to contribute my expertise as well.”

At Rocket Companies, team members take ownership and pride in the impact they have on the community around us. The year of recognition offers team members a chance to learn both in person and virtual events. Keep up with these team members’ unique stories of leadership, fortitude and teamwork on Rocket Mortgage Technology Medium and Twitter. In the following months, the Rocket Mortgage Technology Medium blog will be showcasing some of these outstanding team members on a personal level as they share their stories of success, connection and dedication.

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A list of all of the Disruptors who were nominated in 2022.
A list of all of the innovators that were chosen in 2022.

We’re still hiring! Even in the face of uncertainty, we’re reshaping the fintech industry. Interested in joining us? Check out our technology openings.

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