Pretotyping eManager made launch possible. Photo: BlastPro Series, Astralis

Rasmus makes e-sport more fun by Pretotyping the game eManager

Rasmus Theilsø Madsen has been active in the Danish startup environment for the past 7 years, after he, as a Senior in the accounting firm Deloitte, gained insight into a world where ADHD is not considered a limitation.

Fresh out of college, Rasmus entered a mentorship with one of Denmark’s most successful and impactful super entrepreneurs, Martin Thorborg, in Dinero. From that point, his entrepreneurial enthusiasm peaked. Today, Rasmus who origins from a small coastal town in Southern Funen named Svendborg, advocates that e-sport must be public ownership and has developed both a company and a free online management game for the purpose.

Like so many others, Rasmus was by coincidence utterly overwhelmed after attending a Blast Pro event with a few friends. He felt the intensity and mood created when the talented Astralis fought on the promised C++ hunting grounds, in the game Counter-Strike.

However, he was surprised to find that various e-sport forums were only for hardcore fans and not for people who had just opened their eyes. That made him think and he got the idea for a product that should make e-sports fun and understandable, even for the most analogue people. By prototyping, his team and Rasmus progressed to a functional beta version of eManager, which today has several thousand daily users. Rasmus shares his experiences with the development process through Pretotyping:

The idea — how did it start?

It all started with me being a good friend! Some of my buddies asked if I wanted to join them in Royal Arena to where the game event Blast Pro was happening in November 2017. Counter-Strike and e-sports wasn’t really an interest of mine, but as I follow a lot of tech trends I knew I soon had to learn more about this industry. So, I said ‘yes’ and we went.

Blast Pro really took me by surprise. I was completely blown away by admiration when I left the Royal Arena. I was interested and I was hungry for more knowledge about this adrenaline pumping phenomenon, e-sport. Rarely have I had such fun at a sports event. In football, maybe one goal is scored in each half, while in Counter-Strike 5 players are often “shot” in a minute and a half — now, that is entertainment an ADHD guy like me can focus on.

When I got home, I wanted to learn more about e-sports and I searched for an online manager game. I believed it would be a brilliant way to learn more about it all. There were a few websites on the market that unfortunately all were made for hardcore fans and real “nerds”. I did not find any solution to us mortals, who would like to learn a little more about the sport on an almost non-existent foundation.

How did you go from idea to beta through Pretotyping

When I subsequently found a post on Reddit, I found that others were looking for the same thing. I made a decision to make it myself. To begin with, I just wanted to see if anyone other than me would find it applicable. That’s why I wanted to test the idea in just 8 hours! I know it sounds insane — but I managed to get my idea confirmed that quickly.

Here is the recipe I used, I…

  1. bought a domain (
  2. made a website where people could sign up for a newsletter
  3. found the most active facebook group
  4. made a post about me looking for beta testers for eManager.

Following that, people kept writing me. It was crazy. There were so many who really wanted to join the beta-round. The goal was to get 10 beta testers, but as people really lured in and pushed to be allowed to participate, we opened up for more beta testers. This was despite the fact that we didn’t think the system would be ready for that type of traffic. Today, over 3,200 users have created a team on eManager (5 months after the prototype).

It’s not a coincidence that our product has been so well received. E-sport is no longer for nerds as it moves continuously into the hearts of us all. Of course, with the help of the massive media coverage e-sport has gained in the past years. 57% of all who followed e-sports in 2018 can be defined as “non-nerds”, which is an incredibly exciting development.

We want to make e-sports more fun!

Our vision is to make e-sports a common household interest like football or soccer, and at the same time provide more attention to the upcoming players. So, it is our dream to make e-sports more mainstream and fun to follow.

Right now, we regularly receive messages from users describing how they follow more matches than usual due to their eManager team involvement. So, we are definitely on the right track, but we also know that trends and user behavior can change quickly. However, our assessment is that e-sport has taken root in socially and culturally. It will not disappear overnight.

To this end, it should be emphasized that in eManager we will not earn money from betting. We will not associate with or in any way be the cause of increased ludomania in adolescents. This can be a leverage in matchup with sponsors.

What is pretotyping?

Pretotyping is a set of tools, techniques, and tactics designed to help you validate any idea for a new product quickly, objectively, and accurately. The goal is pretotyping is to help you make sure that you are building The Right It before you build It right. You read about Pretotyping in the best selling book by Alberto Savoia Pretotype It: Make sure you are building The Right It before you build It right.

Rasmus Theilsø Madsen

Rasmus is the author of the book ‘Det lille skridt’ which gives you a lot of good ideas on how to get started as entrepreneur. It all begins with a small step before you find your momentum and can start sprinting. You can download a light version or buy his book here >


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News and stories from the leading Blue Growth Accelerator for early-stage and intermediate startups

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