Who is ready to Win?

Jun 13 · 3 min read
If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s a live quiz show on the EOS mainnet:)

Three things to Prepare for your BATTLE

Step 1. EOS Account

Battle Trivia is a decentralized game where anyone with an EOS account can play. Anyone with an EOS account can join. Since we do not demand or collect any personal information, you need to take care of your own account. If you do not have an EOS account, you can make one by downloading EOS Lynx on iOS or Android here (desktop coming soon):

Making an EOS account

Step2. Wallet

Now that you’ve created an account on your mobile EOS Lynx wallet, you can simply go to the explore tab and find Battle Trivia to start playing. A desktop version of EOS Lynx will be available by July 1st. In the meantime, you can use Scatter if you wish to play on Desktop.

Step3. Subscribe Battle Alarm

The Battle Schedule would only be available on Battle Alarm and our website. If you’re already using Telegram, join and turn on the channel alarm so we can keep you updated on the Battle Schedules.

Now, You Are Ready.

How To Play Battle Trivia

Battle Trivia is easy to play, the only thing you need to do is correctly answer the quiz questions! If you get all the questions right, you’ll be the winner (it is not as easy as it sounds). What if you miss a question along the way? Don’t worry. You can buy a Lifeline with EOS or TRIV token before the game starts so you can get a second chance (players can only use one per game).

Visit Game Page to find out more information.

In the case of multiple winners, the prize will be distributed equally to the winners’ accounts. Oh, we almost forgot to mention you will get rewards in TRIV token whenever you get questions right!

Who Made this AMAZING Game?

This product is made by RocketBC, EOS Lynx and Ben Sigman. We’ll be upgrading the product together in the future!

If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to leave comments at t.me/battletrivia. For business proposals, contact orchid@rocketbc.com & rob@eoslynx.com.

So, When is the NEXT Battle?

Look Here.


Becoming the Building Blocks on EOS


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Becoming the Building Blocks on EOS

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