How to stay smart in the crypto world while having fun!

May 21 · 2 min read

What would you do to learn about a cryptocurrency project? Do you search and study by yourself or do you just buy it on exchanges? There is so much information out there without curation. We introduce a fun and easy way of getting to know various projects!


RocketBC presents Live Quiz Show on the EOS, Battle Trivia!

Battle Trivia is a free, live, on-chain quiz show where you can win prizes in various tokens. Battle Trivia introduces new projects or events to the community. Users solve the quiz problems and get rewarded if they get all of them right. Through each game, we intend to inform users on new dApp projects by providing live entertainment. We convey accurate, precise, and sometimes inside information through the quizzes so that users can naturally be informed about related projects, facts, or events.

Earn TRIV tokens!

TRIV tokens can be used to buy Lifelines. 1 Lifeline can be used per game to bypass a wrong answer. Players can earn TRIV token by getting each question right.

We do NOT encourage users to buy TRIV tokens under the intention of speculation. Further usage of TRIV will be announced accordingly.

Closed Beta Starts Soon

** Date and time can change according to the closed beta participants’ needs and our development schedule.

How To Participate:

  1. One-click sign up at
  2. Install Scatter Desktop or Lynx wallet
  3. Follow Battle Alarm on Telegram
  4. Get on the show following the alarm
  5. Give us feedback, win TRIV tokens

Who are the Makers?

Battle Trivia is a collaborative project between RocketBC, EOS Lynx and Ben Sigman. We look forward to bringing this live entertainment to the global community!

Stay Smart by joining the Battle!

The RocketBC team

Stay Tuned!


RocketBC telegram | RocketBC website | Medium | Twitter


Becoming the Building Blocks on EOS


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Becoming the Building Blocks on EOS

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