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May 27 · 3 min read

GIVLY announces the collaboration with Binance Chain to innovate a resilient ecosystem of ‘giving’. GIVLY Coin issuance on Binance Chain will maximize accountability and transparency of the platform.

(Creating) Social Impact by giving our money, time or labor is becoming part of our everyday lives. Globally, the number of individuals who use social funding systems and become donors is constantly growing. According to Giving USA 2018, the Annual Report on Philanthropy, individuals giving summed up to $286.65 billion, accounting for 70% of all sources of giving. However, these good intentions are being less delivered due to the inefficiency of existing systems.

To tackle the problems, we present GIVLY. GIVLY is a blockchain-powered social funding platform that reinvents the charitable/aid ecosystem by increasing transparency, accountability and realized social impact. Our mission is to utilize a decentralized system to reduce inefficiency layers and fees; to maximize the intended benefit and give the donor an unprecedented level of visibility to their social impact.

Why GIVLY is different?

Existing social funding platforms does not provide needed transparency for donors, oftentimes resulting from increasing layers of inefficiency between NGOs or donor organizations. Moreover, in current systems, donors tend to be excluded from the process of support once they give out any form of monetary value. GIVLY tackles this core problem by introducing a new ecosystem of ‘giving’. In GIVLY, donors, workers, proposers, and beneficiaries can communicate financially with increased speed, transparency, and lower fees. Also, donors and workers can take active roles throughout the process by tracking and voting to validate proposals.

GIV on Binance Chain

‘GIV’ is the token for all activities on GIVLY. The BEP-2 GIVLY Coin will be issued on Binance Chain and proposed to the broad community to be listed on Binance DEX, the decentralized exchange developed on top of Binance Chain. Binance has been the most used exchange with trust and integrity. We are truly honored to work with Binance team to realize our vision. By enabling GIVLY coin transaction on Binance Chain, project groups will be able to operate in a more visible way. By listing our coin on Binance DEX, GIVLY coin will be better presented to donors with lowered fees and transparent transactions. Donor satisfaction will be increased as the social impact created from their actions can be easily seen and calculated at the same time screening potential scams.


RocketBC team will announce further updates and changed details for GIV holders on a regular basis.

  • Coin issuance on Binance Chain: June 3rd
  • Product Launch MVP1: Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 17th, 2019)
  • Open Beta: December 2019

The RocketBC Team

Join us!


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Becoming the Building Blocks on EOS

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