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Today, we are more than excited to announce the kick-off of RocketBC — a project that our team has been preparing for the last several months. The team originally behind HKEOS will support our new venture RocketBC, a fast-moving blockchain product studio. Through this announcement, we’d like to share our vision and plans with the community.

How we started

From building out an automated test suite for EOSIO contracts (Test Cave), managing the EOS Mainnet GitHub repo, building the DApp Incubator Alliance (DIA) with EOSYS and EOS Cannon, partnering and advising dApps like Lumeos, to designing the most used block explorer, HKEOS has been quietly contributing to the EOS community. One of the main focuses of HKEOS has been to empower companies and independent developers building lucrative projects using EOSIO — we have already started working with five amazing projects: Uncloak, L2, Lumeos, AuDigent, and MyKey.

Starting a product studio: the motivation

RocketBC will be building web/mobile based products utilizing blockchain. Our motivation is simple, unleashing the full potential of blockchain technology by bringing new, quality products to the market, and therefore increasing adoption and traction of the platform as a whole.

Being a block producer gave us the knowledge, expertise, and experience in blockchain technology and integration to make this happen. As a technically capable team with passionate minds, we plan to build not just one, but a series of potent decentralized applications, with users from all around the world.

Mission & Strategy

Building a future of decentralized applications

We plan to benchmark the already successful and well-known venture builder, Rocket Internet, and apply a part of its model on the blockchain based dApp industry. We will utilize and integrate blockchain technology into our services further than just merely using it in the payment layer. We believe that there are many more useful applications to the technology that has yet to be reflected by the products in the market. With a strong team of agile developers with an experimental and creative mentality, we believe it is possible to build and iterate unique solutions and bring them to market as soon as possible.

What we will produce

We are interested, but not limited to, the following domains: peer to peer trading, on-chain entertainment, and gamified SNS. We will be building and releasing one product after another in the coming months.

Of course, we may not be able to make every product very successful on our own. We welcome any related business proposals from potential partners. This could range from marketing collaboration, PR partnerships, revenue sharing operations or fundraising. Always feel free to reach out to our team through our channels listed below!


We have recruited flexible, unique, and hungry individuals from all around the world who share our team’s mission and vision.

Meet the team


Jae is a passionate blockchain developer and system administrator from Hong Kong. He specializes in building reliable infrastructure and network security. Believe it or not, he loves spending his time with computers, whether it’s developing smart contracts and the backend for decentralized applications, or writing scripts to automate processes on his servers. He has been successfully involved in bug bounty programs by the likes of Tumblr, Tinder, and’s EOSIO. Jae wrote one of the first fully automated testing suites for EOSIO smart contracts in bash and played a crucial role in writing the launching and peering scripts for the EOS network itself. He is a technical advisor for rising blockchain projects including and L2. Jae is a Systems Engineer from the University of Pennsylvania and speaks English and Korean.


Hugo is a polyglot UX/UI designer who leads HKEOS’ project execution. A professional of agile methodology, Hugo will be applying his highly user-centric approach to engage with the EOS community and enable HKEOS to become a valued BP and community member. Hugo has previously worked with major brands like UBS, AXA and Rocket Internet. He speaks English, German, French and Italian. He holds a Masters in Finance and a BSc in Economics.


Devin has been responsible for a number of successful businesses and initiatives, both in the traditional and digital ecosystems. His passion for cryptocurrency leads him to co-found Blockchain IB, advising Asian crypto-investors engage a number of celebrated token sales, such as Bread Wallet and Coinme. Devin is also the co-founder of the EOS.IO HK community and helped runs their highly successful inaugural Meet-Up. Devin previously worked in various equity market roles at leading investment banks such as BNP Paribas, Morgan Stanley, and Credit Suisse. Devin holds a Masters Degree from The University of Sydney.


Orchid has been a creative business developer in blockchain space. She loves turning new ideas into actual business and products. As a former business developer of EOSYS, Orchid co-hosted the first EOS web conference EOS Ignite, joined the Worker Proposal System core group, helped with the biggest EOS DApp meetup in Korea EOS DApp Festa, and kickstarted JellyJuice project to build casual games on the EOS mainnet. In the past, she managed UX research projects with global companies in Yonsei HCI Lab. She got a masters degree in Cognitive Science and a B.S. in Business administration from Yonsei University.


Yoojeong is a backend developer who started programming with a passion for indie games. She especially loves the challenges of new technology and fast prototyping. Before joining RocketBC, she had experience in the back-end of full-body motion synchronization prototypes for VR(Virtual Reality) games. As a positive-minded non-stop creator, Yoojeong takes care of backend development of RocketBC’s products.

Meet the Advisors (Alphabetical order)

Ben Sigman (CTO of Sense)

Ben has been a long-time advocate and supporter of open-source software and blockchain. He started mining Bitcoin and Litecoin in 2012 and in 2016, he began investing in altcoins/ICOs. Ben also was a pivotal member of the EOS Mainnet launch in 2018; you can see his name with all of the other significant contributors at He is optimistic and excited about the future of disruptive technology and is now a major player in an industry he has loved for so long. He is currently working on “” — decentralized off-chain P2P messaging via EOS namespace authentication.

John Milburn (EOS Alliance)

Prominent blockchain pioneer. Previously a Vice President of Internet Technology at Dacom who developed business divisions for both corporate & consumer internet services, creating the largest Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Asia, with over two million subscribers and the largest IDC operations in Asia. Advises HKEOS on various EOS infrastructure and security related projects. Based in Seoul, South Korea.

Michael Yeates (Founder of eosDAC)

An expert on various technologies and previously the founder & managing director of a successful eCommerce platform. Members of the EOS community are likely to recognize Michael’s name as he is highly active within the EOS community. His key focus is working to create a foundation for the next generation of distributed systems.

Phu Styles (Founder of Women in Blockchain Foundation)

Phu is a Philanthropist and Founder of Women in Blockchain Foundation, CEO of Blockchain PR, Venture Partner at Velorum Capital, and the Co-Founder of Startup Villas. She is also an Advisor for several blockchain companies such as,,, BitFinance, Toda Network, and Blockchain at the University of California, Irvine. Prior to her transition into the tech industry, Phu was a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist who founded a successful children’s yoga company who then turned into an international award-winning Celebrity Fashion Stylist. Always interested in tech, she transitioned into tech by starting two companies in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality before joining the blockchain revolution. She is also a Board Member of the Electronic Music Alliance and a sought after Speaker and Thought Leader. As an Asian-American immigrant and Decentralized Futurist, she is on a mission to make the decentralized future inclusive for ALL people.

Suchet Dhindsa (COO of Everipedia)

Chief Operating Officer at Everipedia. MBA from Norwegian University of Life Sciences, and bachelor’s degrees from the University of Southeast Norway and the University of Tennessee. Ten years of experience in global expansion strategy, venture capital, and emerging technologies.

Join our community!

Initiating DAppster Club

Join the dAppsters Club! Welcoming the era of decentralized Applications, RocketBC values engagement of innovative users & early adopters. We are looking for early-adopters and dApp users who love to try out new decentralized applications and become part of the creation process!

The program includes the following activities :

Interviews for UX related questions, writing and sharing dApp Review/podcast in different languages, discussing on weekly topic or participating in existing beta testing.
If you are interested, feel free to apply here.


Thank you.


Becoming the Building Blocks on EOS


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Building the future of Decentralized Applications



Becoming the Building Blocks on EOS

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