Sarah Koebel and Kedar Iyer join the advisory board!

Hello, EOS community! We are excited to announce that Sarah Koebel from TomorrowBC and Kedar Iyer, CTO of Everipedia joins our advisory board! Before, we introduced five advisors who have been supporting us: Ben Sigman, John Milburn, Michael Yeates, Phu Styles, and Suchet Dhindsa. Along with initial advisors, Sarah and Kedar decided to join in order to help us build meaningful products and deliver them to the global blockchain community.

Introducing Sarah Koebel

Sarah Koebel is a Co-Founder of StarterNoise & Entrepreneur in Blockchain Technology. Currently, she works as an advisor at TomorrowBC. Before entering into the blockchain space, she has been taking an active role as an account director at the well-known branding firm, Tulip Strategies.

Introducing Kedar Iyer

Kedar is a Director of Software at Everipedia and Co-founder of LibertyBlock. He started out as a Mechanical Engineer doing robotics before transitioning into robotics and web-based software. He bought his first Bitcoin in 2013 and have been tangentially interested since then. He has been working on crypto software since 2016.

RocketBC is honored and grateful to have Sarah and Kedar on board. Kedar mentioned, “they have some of the best developers and community members in EOS on the team and I’m excited to see what they will do”. With our amazing advisory board, we feel elated and confident to move forward with our vision and strategy. We will have an advisory board meeting once every quarter, and make decisions based on each meeting. We look forward to working with the influential advisors in the coming months.

  • You can learn more about Sarah Koebel by following her on LinkedIn.
  • You can learn more about Kedar Iyer here.

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