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Jun 22 · 4 min read

Greetings to Binance Chain community! We are RocketBC, a fast-moving product studio based in Hong Kong. We introduced our vision for ‘GIVLY’ last month, a blockchain-powered social funding platform that reinvents the charitable/aid ecosystem. Today, we are very excited to share details about our airdrop and the distribution plan for the GIV coin.

The Progress

It has been an exciting time for us; we issued and proposed the GIV coin on the Binance chain during the last month. Gratefully, our proposal gained the support of the community and was accepted by the Binance Chain validators, meaning that it can soon be traded on the Binance DEX!

First Airdrop — 10 Million GIV

We will start the distribution of GIV by airdropping 1% of the total amount (10 Million GIV) to the Binance Chain community. In order to receive the airdrop, make sure you meet one of the following criteria by Friday UTC 9 AM, June 28th. This gives our beloved community a full week to meet one of the conditions below and not miss out on their chance to secure their GIV. Trading will become fully active on Saturday UTC 9 AM, June 29th.

The Criteria:

  1. Binance Chain community members who report their address on the Givly topic on the forum, or
  2. Binance DEX users who hold BTCB more than 0.03 BTCB, or
  3. Binance DEX users who have traded 10 BNB worth on BNB/BTCB

Distribution and Allocation Plans

GIVLY Coin (GIV) is a utility token which will represent the participation of case proposers, workers, and supporters on the platform. For a detailed explanation, visit givly.io to find out more.

The updated token allocation plan is as follows:

50% of the total goes to users

A portion of this goes toward the airdrop next week, and another large portion will be dedicated to early registrants on the GIV platform (more details about early registration will come soon). Our GIVLY early supporters, potential proposers, and workers will also be able to buy GIV from the Binance DEX.

20% for operating / platform development

GIV can be given as rewards for case-workers. Also, additional features can be deployed according to the roadmap.

15% for business development

GIVLY will welcome and onboard the case projects with an aligned humanitarian goal. Partners can hold GIV and stake as a token of partnership.

10% will be saved in team reserve

RocketBC will hold and stake half for 12 months, while the other half will remain liquid.

3% for charity

We plan to give back the GIVLY coins that can benefit many in need. The details are to be announced in the future.

2% for advisors

GIVLY will be built in collaboration with highly experienced charity domain experts from NGOs and charity foundations. GIVLY coin will be offered in exchange for their goodwill and service.

Below is a table where we have outlined more detailed distribution plans. In order to make sure we distribute GIV to those who would actively use and create value on GIVLY ecosystem, we will take the right amount of time needed to find and engage case proposers, workers, donors, and beneficiaries.

Distribution plan

Next Steps

Next week, we will commence the airdrop. We will also make GIV openly tradable on the Binance DEX. We would appreciate your comments and suggestions on the Binance Chain Community forum. Regular updates on the progress of the GIVLY project will be updated on our medium and the community forums. Also, we’d love for you to check out our new and updated website.

We would also like to thank the Binance Chain community for their interest and the validators for their thoughtful questions while evaluating our proposal. We are ecstatic to be able to continue building upon our vision, and once again thank our community for giving us this amazing opportunity.

Discover New Giving with us,
The RocketBC Team


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