Remote Teaching with Free Rocketbook Pages

We know you’re working tirelessly to create positive remote learning experiences for your students right now. Navigating this “new norm” is not easy, but we’re here to help every step of the way. It’s time to add the Rocketbook system to your remote teaching toolkit!

Rocketbook Educators agree that our system is ideal for remote education. Students write with pen and paper on Rocketbook pages, then digitally send their work directly to their instructor.

If you’re a Rocketbook fan, you probably already knew that we offer our page templates, app and all of our digital features for free. If you’re new to Rocketbook, it’s the perfect time to try it for the first time. Here’s how…

Getting Your Class Set up with the Rocketbook App & Free Pages

  1. Choose from a variety of FREE Rocketbook pages to use for your lesson.
  2. Send the same link to your students to print out a page at home.
  3. Download the Free Rocketbook App for Apple or Android and instruct your students to do the same.
  4. In the app, set up a destination that connects with your favorite cloud service, like Google Drive or directly to your email address. Have your students do this, as well.

Pro Tip: If you want students to send assignments to the same location, i.e. a Google Drive folder, have them all set up the same destination.

Launching Your First Assignment

  1. Post or email your assignment and instruct students to complete their work on the Rocketbook page of your choosing. Pro Tip: You can create your own templates on these Free Rocketbook Pages, so feel free to add specific text or questions for your students!
  2. Tell your class to use smart titles to name their assignment file and then mark the appropriate destination symbol on the bottom of their page.
  3. When they are finished with their work, they can scan each page with the app and their work will be instantly organized and ready for review!

Creative Ways to Use Free Pages with Your Students

Are you ready to start using the Rocketbook system in your classroom yet? Still unsure? Here are some additional ways to use these pages for remote learning:

  • If you’re giving a virtual quiz, ask your students to print out a Rocketbook page beforehand. As you are asking questions, students can fill out their answers on their page and scan directly to you once the quiz is over. Not only is this streamline — it’s also paperless!
  • Math Teachers — we know it’s important to see how your students get to their final answer with certain equations and calculations. When students scan their math homework directly to you, you can see exactly where they made a mistake or arrived at their final answer.
  • Music Teachers — we have a special free pdf just for you! If you’re teaching students remotely how to write music, use our sheet music page for them to get creative and send back to you. Likewise, if your students have instruments at home or are working on vocals — send through some specific by scanning this pdf right to them!

Want the free pages already? Go right ahead, and download them right here!

Free Page Templates:

If you don’t have the Rocketbook App already, be sure to download it in the Apple App Store or Google Play. For tips on how to get started with the app, check out the Rocketbook Help Center.

Get Extra Help

Right now there’s lots of resources for helping teachers being shared, but maybe you’ve still got some unanswered questions. If you’d like additional help, suggestions, tips, or tools for providing a great remote classroom environment for your students, we’ve got your covered.

  • Email our education advisor, Maggie Robbins, at Maggie taught middle and high school math and science for 25+ years with her most recent position as a math and STEM teacher at Westside Middle School Academy in Danbury, CT.
  • Email Rocketbook at for any questions on how we can help you.
  • Help other teachers by sharing your tips online with the hashtag #BetterTogether.

Rocketbook For Educators

Rocketbook makes reusable smart notebooks from the future!

Rocketbook For Educators

Rocketbook makes reusable smart notebooks from the future!

Rocketbook for Educators

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Rocketbook is great for students of all ages, teachers, and parents!

Rocketbook For Educators

Rocketbook makes reusable smart notebooks from the future!