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Nextdoor RocklinWinners 2019

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Rocklin’s Whitney Oaks neighbors have selected some local businesses as their Neighborhood Favorites for 2019. Nextdoor presents the winners in a web page within their free, member-only system. I wanted to share these lists with everyone in a spreadsheet-like format that sorts them by the number of likes. So here are the lists I have compiled for 2019. Enjoy!

Top Favorite Businesses Across All Categories

This is a sorted list across all categories to show the top-favorite local businesses in 2019. Congrats to Nugget Markets for making this list twice in two different categories.

Food & Drink

This is probably the most important list of all. It is good to see Lucille’s on top of this list. I always take out of town guests and clients to Lucille’s, and they all enjoy the total experience. I am a bit disappointed to see that Flame & Fire Brazilian Steakhouse didn’t make this list. Flame & Fire Brazilian Churrascaria is an upscale Southern Brazilian Steakhouse. Four Sisters Cafe is a wonderful breakfast and brunch restaurant, which I highly recommend.


I love bookstores and hung out on B&N at Arden Fair Mall in the 90s a great deal. Seeing B&N on this list is impressive. I am surprised that people are still going to B&N for books! I am glad people still go there!

Personal Care

Pet Care

Home Services

I was expecting to see Rocklin Heating and Air in this list. I have used their A/C repair services over the years and found them to be extremely honest and professional. recommend them to everyone!



Rocklin vs Roseville Businesses

Among the forty-two businesses mentioned this year’s list, twenty-eight are in Rocklin and thirteen are in Roseville and only one business is in Loomis. So over 66% of businesses are from Rocklin, which makes sense as this list is based on the feedback from Rocklin residents.

Source Credit: Nextdoor

I compiled the lists from the data collected via the Nextdoor website. Nextdoor is an excellent resource for neighbors to share recommendations.

Over 25% of all conversations on Nextdoor revolve around sharing recommendations for local businesses.

Nextdoor is the world’s largest social network for the neighborhood. Nextdoor is used by residents of 248,000 neighborhoods across the globe, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, and Australia.


I am not affiliated or related to any of the businesses mentioned in this article. Any business that I personally recommended is based on my experience with them as a consumer. I am a business owner myself. However, my software company, EVOKNOW, Inc., does not directly deal with consumers at this time.

Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash



Rocklin, California is a beautiful place in the Greater Sacramento Area. It has an excellent school district (RUSD), beautiful scenic areas, lots of trees, houses, golf courses and great neighborhoods.

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