6 Slack Hacks Everybody Should Know

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After introducing Slack to the team at FlashSticks, we’ve been able to increase our efficiency through strong real-time communication on Slack. In the last 2 years using Slack, I’ve picked up a few hacks that I’d like to share, for those looking to boost their speed and usage of Slack.

1. Slack noise: Customize your notification sound.

Slack noises are great, little sounds nudges telling you that you have a colleague has messaged you. Some people don’t know that you can customize this so that you can distinguish the noises in the office when you all are receiving new messages. For this, go to Preferences and choose from the pre-selected sounds there.

2. Themes: Pick a color and make Slack look solid!

You can go crazy with the colors that appear on your Slack. They have already created some suggested some themes like “Hoth” and “Work Hard”, these are very much the basics, you can customize your colors right down to the color code, which is valuable for team’s looking for more on-brand feel Slack experiences.

3. Reminders: Organise

Reminders are key for keeping you reminded of messages at relevant times. You can now select a message to be scheduled for later to review, or even remind a team member for later. See the screenshot for more information.

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Originally published at rockpapermobile.com on June 5, 2016.

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