Google Now, Keep, Tasks, Reminders — United They Stand…

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Not many companies have the luxury of developing similar products with no clear path to unification. But Google has managed to accomplish something only Microsoft could be accused of back in the day. As a long time Google user, I have come to expect that any given product can stand on its own merit (or not), but I’ve also become increasingly interested in how well they integrate within Google’s suite of services and which apps they choose to keep developing and which apps to eventually retire.

Productivity apps are one of those personal and sensitive service categories that require a commitment of time and effort in order for it to really benefit us. Any uncertainty or threat that our favorite app will go away can be disruptive and potentially invoke some level of anxiety. A perfect example of this would be how the following apps will be road mapped by Google and what it means to our continued use of certain apps.

  • Google Now
  • Google Reminders
  • Google Keep
  • Gmail Tasks

To begin with, it’s probably fair to say that unless you actually pay for Google for Work, you can’t complain too much about free stuff. However, the trade-off is presumably your investment in time and effort on an app that’s not only constantly evolving but, may one day go away.

Given Google’s history of retiring apps like Google Wave, Google Reader and Google Notebook among others, it’s advisable to watch for the signs before committing.

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Originally published at on June 6, 2016.

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