The power of interfaces

This post is part of the internal communications we send across the team each week at Rodati.

A few days ago, I read this Medium article which analysed the importance of interface design on user experience. It delineated possible paths on what we could expect from technology start-ups on this field, in the coming years.

Thinking about products with this approach just blew my mind and made me think of the possibilities we face at Rodati in the future.

User Experience is a global concept, which is built upon every interaction. As we define it as part of our values at Rodati, we reckon putting ourselves on our users shoes and building from them to them. Our success will rely on building the ultimate interface that helps on every aspect of the car-buying experience.

Let’s think about what this interface has to offer in order to be part of the best possible experience.

It obviously depends on the site navigation, on the quality of the information we provide, on the pictures we show… But also on the phone calls between our team and our clients, on the tone of our voice, on the easiness of our language and the manners of our communication. It depends on every email being useful, on the salesman at the dealership being transparent and solving every doubt. As you can see, it is in every detail!

The challenge of becoming the default interface is difficult and we may be ashamed when we see all that we still have to do! But if we gain that precious spot, our impact will be unlimited.