Chapter 2: Meet Blixt and Isabel

Apr 21, 2016 · 3 min read

For the next part of the Roger stories, we will be hearing from Blixt and how he uses Roger with Isabel.

Blixt and Isabel at a party in 2014

“Isabel is one of Roger’s biggest supporters. She has helped test Roger since the days before it launched, and we’ve definitely come a long way with it. I use Roger the most with her. I also use Roger a lot with my family and friends who are still in my home country, Sweden.

Blixt and Isabel on one of their dates in SoHo.

Isabel and I have been together for four years now and we still love going out on random dates. Back when I was still with Spotify, we used to have a lot more time to spend with each other and our friends. Now we have to plan accordingly in making the best of the time we get when we can.

Our dates include long walks through the five boroughs of New York City. We love experiencing the cultures and food of what each area has to offer. One of our favorite areas is SoHo for its old NYC charm.

Being the co-founder and CTO of Roger has made me a busy man with limited time. Isabel is a makeup artist which means she often has an unpredictable schedule. We work very different hours and that’s why it’s really nice to have Roger. It keeps us connected without being on the phone for hours. We often talk through Roger in between breaks at work, since we are both unable to respond immediately, it gives us time to listen and talk.

The amount of time Blixt and Isabel have spent talking on Roger.

Isabel likes to share with me the little things that happened at work and here’s the best part: if something bad or exciting happens and she wants me to listen immediately, she will start buzzing me. (I’m quite confident Isabel is the greatest fan of Buzz.) That’s when I know she needs me at that moment. Isabel is a really bubbly girl and you can tell even from the way she speaks. When I use Roger with her, I’m able to read her mood as if she is right in front of me.

We find it very convenient to send a Roger when we are on our way to meet each other. It gives us time to finish what we are doing and get ready to make the most out of our time. We love staying in touch throughout the day and that has helped our relationship stay strong.

Blixt and Isabel celebrating their 2nd year anniversary in San Francisco, California.

I’m from Sweden and Isabel is from Colombia. We both have family and friends all over the world. The best way that we have to talk to our family and friends abroad is through Roger. The audio quality is much better than anything else we used before, and it works so well across time zones.

Right now I’m thinking about how to use my voice for even more things. For example, I use Roger to talk to Amazon’s Alexa, to check my calendar or control the lights in our apartment.

You could say that we’re making another “app”. But to us, the Roger team, we feel that Roger is more than that — it’s a way for us to keep in touch with all our friends and family.”

Let’s talk more often 😉 👉

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We should talk more often.


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Roger Talk

We should talk more often.