How far away is your Mom?

May 5, 2016 · 4 min read

If you have been with us for some time, you would probably already know that Roger aspires to get everyone talking more often. These days, we’re seeing an increasing number of businesses trying to sell last minute gifts and many more articles that express the writers’ appreciation towards their Moms, reminding us that we are once again just a few days away from Mother’s Day.

I have been pondering on what I should write for this special day. For one, its definitely a great opportunity for us to show our appreciation, but then again, why would talking to our Moms be a gift precious enough to convey our gratitude, especially since we probably are already talking to them everyday?

That question bugged me for a few days, until I finally experienced it for myself. One day, while I was having my breakfast, I looked at my phone and saw a missed call from my Mom, followed by a short text “Are you busy now?”.

I called her back, realizing that I had not spoken to her for at least a week, given the 12-hour time difference. Even though we chatted for only ten minutes discussing about what I had for dinner the previous night and what I had prepared for my lunch that day (“Are you sure so much frozen veg is good for you?”), it was clear that this call probably meant so much more to her than it did to me.

I began to wonder, how often is everyone around me talking to their Moms? Also, how faraway is everyone from their Moms?”

Over the next two weeks, I asked the people around me just that.

Here’s what I got:

For many of us, our Moms are probably the ones we spent the most time with while we were growing up. They were the ones who taught us never to wander off with strangers, to stay close by their sides and were also the ones who held our hands whenever we were afraid.

As we grew older, we began searching for our own paths and our Moms were there giving us the support that we needed to chase after our dreams. They taught us how to be brave, how to be confident and how to work hard for what we want.

This also means that they had to do the hardest thing of letting us leave their sides.

Our daily “Good morning”s have now been replaced with the occasional “How’s everything going?” and sometimes, we find ourselves missing their nagging before feeling that tinge of regret when we see that we just missed a call they had made to us before they went to bed.

Showing our appreciation to our Moms does not always have to come in the form of expensive flowers, gifts or meals.

Sometimes, all it takes is just for you to let her know that you’re missing her as much as she misses you. When we’re faced with tons of work and also a great time difference, it might be difficult to call each other, but we can definitely do more than just send our Moms a text message.

Sometimes, updating them on what we’re doing at that moment and letting them hear our voices for even a few seconds each time, would probably mean a lot to our Moms than we will ever know (after all, your Mom will probably be able to tell how you’re doing just from the way you sound).

This Mother’s day, say hi to your Mom with Roger instead 💖

Let’s talk more often! 😉 👉🏼

* If you’re beside your Mom now, then you’re the lucky one!

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We should talk more often.


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We should talk more often.

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