Introducing the Roger Voice Platform

Amazon Alexa, Dropbox, Slack, Voicemail and much more.

Since our preview launch back in December, followed by the announcement of our funding round and the release of Roger on Android, we’ve been hard at work trying to keep up with all the feedback and requests from a seemingly global community that, like ourselves, believes we should talk more often.

Today, we’re taking another major step in making voice ubiquitous, as Roger evolves into the first-of-its-kind voice platform, completely integrated with the services you use everyday.

This is a very special milestone for our team. I can clearly remember our discussion over dinner, the very first day we began building Roger.

What if we could easily talk with anyone and anything, anywhere and anytime through voice?

That question remained with us throughout the journey. Our voices are rich and versatile, yet we all have a love–hate affair with using our own voice:

  • Hearing ourselves: Listening to ourselves speak in recordings, especially when others are around, makes us cringe.
  • Phone calls: We have all definitely felt that slight sinking feeling whenever a call arrives unexpectedly.

With the rise of the smartphone we have grown accustomed to typing and texting rather than talking — it seems just so much more practical. Yet, this is not how humans should be interacting. We already have a rich medium through which to communicate, where tonality, emotion, and meaning are transmitted much more accurately: voice. To change this culture of text would need a radical approach.

We would need to introduce voice everywhere. We would need to reintroduce your voice back to you.

Luckily, we’re not alone, and rapid advancements in connectivity, speech analysis, and the proliferation of API-based services created the perfect storm for voice as the next major computing platform.

So lets get started, shall we?

Make sure to get the latest and shiniest version of Roger and try a few of the things you can now do using your own voice!

Don’t have an Amazon Echo? Well, it doesn’t matter anymore. Roger is the only free app that transforms your Android or iPhone into your own personal portable Echo or Dot. Now you can check the weather, get updates on your favorite teams and control your smart home devices on the go as long as your phone is with you.

No one likes Voicemail, we get it. No one likes to dial that dreadful line to listen to a one way conversation that you can’t even reply to.

Well you wont have to, not anymore! Enable Voicemail on Roger to convert any missed or rejected calls into conversations you can listen and reply to, at your convenience. Unexpected phone calls will now be a thing of the past.

Oh, and as you know, you could already talk to friends that don’t have Roger, now friends can talk to you even if they don’t have Roger themselves!

Now isn’t that cool?

Just had an important conversation that lasted for hours on Roger? Quickly leave a voice note for yourself summarizing all the important details and save it to Dropbox immediately without having to leave Roger at all. You’ll be sure to impress at your next meetings.

Let’s face it, most of us do not have the phone numbers of all our colleagues but we sure do have them on Slack. With our Slack integration, just talk on Roger whenever you have something urgent (or lengthy!) to say to your colleagues and a voice note will be generated to your Slack channel. This will allow them to listen and easily share what you just said.

With the Roger voice platform, it’s time to rethink what your voice is able to do for you. Just by talking on Roger, you will be able to connect to all of those services in the most convenient way ever. Do not see a service that you use? Join us on the BETA team to create it together.

We’re only getting started to explore the full potential of our voices.

Ready to start talking more often?

Download Roger for free on iOS or Android at

Download Roger here:

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Roger Talk

We should talk more often.

Ricardo Vice Santos

Written by

Roger Talk

We should talk more often.

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