Reclaim Conversation — our New Year’s Resolution.

Ricardo Vice Santos
Jan 1, 2016 · 2 min read

It’s that time when everyone sits down to write their resolutions, to reflect on the things we could have done better, and what we want to prioritize in the future. Universally, and what we’ve been hearing a lot at Roger, there is a desire to make more time for the people and things that matter.

In fact, shortly after we launched a few weeks ago, I was surprised with a gift from a dear friend. It was a book, Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age by MIT Professor Sherry Turkle. Inside, a note by my friend read:

I just started reading this book after watching the TED Talk and its very relevant with what you are building with Roger. Perhaps you already know. Although she talks against tech, we are yet to find the talking medium with tech.

Sherry’s book and TED Talk struck a chord with us.

How can we create more meaningful connections without abandoning technology and its connectedness?

Is it possible to stop hiding from each other through the convenience of abbreviated communication or avoid the constant fail of trying to interpret tone through text?

Could we fathom moving away from texting as our primary form of communication and relearn empathy through the power of conversations?

These are the questions we are trying to answer. That is why Roger exists. So here are our New Year’s Resolutions, which we invite you to join!

  1. It’s time to talk. And time to listen. Let’s not “sacrifice conversation for connection”. Talk more to the people you care about. Hear what they have to say. Even the not so interesting parts.
  2. Find the magic. There are delightful gifts that surround our every-day lives. Lift your heads from your phone pose, open your hearts, be ready to discover life’s glimpses and little pleasantries.
  3. Be spontaneous. In a day when everything can be edited or deleted, let’s embrace the messiness of our human-ness. Speak with your heart more and let’s un-script ourselves.

May 2016 be the year of magical conversations.

Happy New Year, friends.

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We should talk more often.

Ricardo Vice Santos

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We should talk more often.