The Roger stories

Roger was started with the purpose of getting people to talk more often.

Since our launch last December, we have now become available on both the iOS and Android platforms, our user base has grown substantially and now we also have our own community of beta testers who have been tirelessly supporting us (thank you!).

These days, we spend a significant amount of time talking to our users directly on Roger itself. Through this, we have been teleported to countless different countries, experienced different seasons and climates all at once, and most importantly of all, gotten to know our users from around the world a lot better.

Sometimes, we unintentionally get invited to groups created with Chewbacca and end up having to explain the concept of Chewbacca (he’s a bot created by us) to our agitated users, or at times, we feel guilty for having to ask “Sorry, but do you speak English?”.

Yet, there are also times, or rather precious moments, where we receive really sweet thank-you messages from our users telling us how Roger has made a difference in their lives. From time to time, we receive heartwarming stories from them, stories that we feel are too good to just be shared amongst us.

The Roger team; from left: Blixt, Shreyas, Miles, Pedro, Yushu, Ricardo

This mission of getting people to talk more has allowed us to meet so many great friends along the way. Their stories have also inspired us to share our own stories ourselves, and also provide a glimpse of our lives, the 6 of us from 5 different countries, to anyone who has or will use Roger.

Every Thursday will now be dedicated as a day for us to share both our stories and the stories that we have received, with everyone through our Facebook and Twitter channels. #TalkMoreThursdays

Here’s a preview of the stories that will be coming up each Thursday:

Left: Ricardo from the Roger team and his friends, Right: Long time Roger user Howard and his wife, Francee
Left: Yushu from the Roger team and her friends, Right: Shreyas from the Roger team and his friend, Anjali
Left: Long time Roger users Mandy and Ling, Right: Pedro from the Roger team and his wife, Ines
Left: Blixt from the Roger team and his girlfriend, Isabel Right: Miles from the Roger team and his brother, Jack

Do keep a look out for them and if you have your very own Roger story to tell, feel free to email us at, or on Roger itself :)

Let’s talk more often!

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