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Play-to-earn gaming— hyper growth awaits

What you should know about and our big plans for growth

Play-to-earn gaming has never been hotter. 🔥

The industry says it — a record amount of funding has been raised in the first quarter of 2022 for blockchain gaming projects, with indication of a “hyper growth” segment.

According to Forbes, “video game deals triple in 2021 to record levels”, and this is not surprising to the Rogue Fox Guild’s crew, or anyone else that keeps a track of the exciting world of crypto gaming.

What does this mean for our plans at Rogue Fox Guild?

We’re super excited for the weeks and months ahead of us in 2022, and we feel that the industry is getting super ready for what we have to offer — a new, high-end, boutique gaming experience that brings a fantastic story and even more exquisite art to the world of crypto gaming.

So, what are the routes open to us at this point in time?

Our community is looking forward to Rogue Fox Guild’s development as we are expanding to become a play-to-earn established high end project and go to the moon.

We were asked by community members to dig in deeper about the options available, and we’d love to explain more about the three possible routes that are open to us at this point in time. This is not an exhaustive list of all options, but an overview of the top 3 routes we’ll be exploring.

Growth & investment routes

  1. Grant funding
    We’re exploring various routes for further grant funding from popular blockchains and layer 2 solutions. It will be very similar to our grant funding approach when we were supported by Polygon and Polygon Studios. We’d love to create a multi-chain support for the game, and this will be an ideal route to get us to support an additional chain.
  2. IDO
    First there was the ICO, then there was the IEO and now there is the IDO!
    IDO = Initial Decentralised Exchange Offering.
    An IDO raises funds for blockchain projects that involve the public distribution of crypto tokens. Tokens are sold/launched on a decentralised exchange like Uniswap.
    An IDO has two phases:
    • Phase 1 — Promotion on a launchpad — launchpads promote & vet projects for investors
    • Phase 2 — Token’s migration to a DEX such as Uniswap
    Benefits of launching an IDO:
    • Instant Liquidity
    • Instant trading
    • Lower Costs
    Here is a more comprehensive explanation of an IDO.
    Should we go with this route, we’ll be launching our token (if you’re an RFG community member, you’ll most certainly know which one it is) and do an offering of it (the IDO) on one or more decentralised exchanges.
  3. VC Funding (with or without an IDO)
    The VC funding route can actually be done in combination with an IDO. Should this be the case, then we’ll probably be looking at multiple investment firms joining on a round together with an IDO launch.
    If we decide to go purely with VC funding alone, this is something that will be similar to a start up style investment in a company where you have an investment on the base of equity at a certain company valuation.
    We’ve only started to get the feelers out on this one, and will have more clarity on whether this is something we will pursue in the weeks to come.

We are super excited at the prospect and during the process of getting new partners, supporters and backers on the journey of Rogue Fox Guild’s development.

Thanks for reading, and should you have any questions or input, join our community here and start the discussion with our community there.

Rogue Fox Guild is the first P2E rogue-like adventure game. NFTs from the Genesis collection have exclusive rarities and have unique rewards.

Join the RFG community on Discord, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin or check all of our links here.



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