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30 of My Unpopular Vegan Opinions

I’m laying my cards out on the table here. Fair warning: you won’t like it.

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash
  1. Everyone agrees with veganism — they just don’t know it. Veganism is nothing more than minimising the harm you cause to others.
  2. Animals are worth far more than the minor difference in taste between a ham sandwich and a vegan ham sandwich, or a beef…




This is THE place for independent thinkers and respectful rabble-rousers. Release the rogue in you, break free of the herd and let’s shake things up, together!

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Rory Cockshaw

Rory Cockshaw

I write about science, philosophy, and society. Occasionally whatever else takes my fancy. Student @ University of Cambridge, Yale Bioethics alum.

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