The Right to Bear Arms

Only if you’re white though

Stephen Sovie
Jan 20 · 3 min read
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On January 20 America celebrates Martin Luther King Day with ceremonies and speeches honoring the late Civil Rights leader. Not so in Richmond, the capital of Virginia, where the governor has declared a state of emergency in the face of threats of violence from gun rights and white supremacist groups. The newly elected Democratic governor and state legislature have recently passed a set of gun control laws that included strong universal background checks and so-called red flag laws, which prevent dangerously mentally ill people from obtaining gun licenses. It is interesting to note that according to and other news sources the majority of Virginia citizens overwhelmingly support these new laws.

The governor fearing violence has banned weapons in the areas surrounding the capital. This action has caused white supremacist groups, neo-nazis and gun rights groups to call for an assault on the capital and all-out race wars in defense of their interpretation of the Second Amendment.

To me, it is unfathomable to think this is happening in my country today. That is until I heard that our Moron-in-Chief, the so-called leader of all citizens of our county, has tweeted remarks in favor of the gun rights activists. What a friggin’ hypocrite! Guns are not allowed in the U.S Capitol and they’re certainly not allowed at any of his hate rallies, but he thinks they should be allowed in Richmond!

He is inciting violence towards Democrats or anyone supporting gun control by accusing the Democrats of trying to destroy the Second Amendment. As if he cared about anything in the Bill of Rights or the Constitution! He is only trying to fan the flames of hatred and violence towards people of color and divide the country, to assure his re-election. God forbid anyone is hurt at these protests, but if someone is Trump should be jailed for inciting violence.

After hearing of the groups who are in support of attacking the capitol of Virginia I am convinced now more than ever that these people are not as concerned with the Bill of Rights as much as they are about maintaining white control of our country. These homegrown terrorists espouse their support of the Second Amendment and vow to fight to the death in defense of it. How many of these miscreants can identify the Second Amendment as being part of the Bill of Rights? How many of them can name at least one other right in the Bill of Rights? I’m sure few if any.

How many of these members of the NRA, white supremacist groups or neo-nazis would raise their voices in support of people losing their right to vote, or their right to practice their religion, especially if it is a non-Christian religion or other basic civil rights? I’m sure none. But God forbid someone wants to take their gunmetal penises away from them!

We have all seen the groups of these gun nuts with their Confederate flags, assault weapons and toothless grins vowing to fight for their guns. But how many Black people or other people of color have you seen in the so-called militias. How do you think these people would react if a bunch of Black people with guns showed up at a pro-gun rally? How about a group of Mexican Americans? Or how about a bunch of American Muslims? I don’t think it would go over very well.

According to the Brookings Institution in 2045 white people will be the minority population. That’s in 25 short years. I feel that this is one of the strongest reasons for the strong support for the Second Amendment and the rise of Neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups and most importantly for the cultlike support of Donald Trump.

It’s really not about guns. It’s about race and power. It’s about using the Second Amendment to divide our country and to keep old wealthy white men in power. The big question is will we make it to 2045 as a viable democratic country? Or will we let a minority of white racist bigots and Nazis destroy our democracy for their dying twisted cause? The Germans, in World War II, remained silent and allowed Hitler to destroy their nation. Will we remain silent and allow Trump and his followers to do the same to our country?

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This is THE place for independent thinkers and respectful rabble-rousers. Release the rogue in you, break free of the herd and let’s shake things up, together!

Stephen Sovie

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A liberal retiree who loves writing about politics, social issues, my pets and my life experiences. My husband and I are proud dog daddies!

Rogues’ Gallery

This is THE place for independent thinkers and respectful rabble-rousers. Release the rogue in you, break free of the herd and let’s shake things up, together!

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