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How many cups or mugs of coffee do you consume in a day? How would you like to have your coffee? Is it your standard morning wake-up drink each day? Coffee is now considered the second top world commodity with oil at number one. It is but proper then that a special day be dedicated to this popular drink that had kept millions of people company during early mornings and late nights.

When is the National Coffee Day 2015?

The National Coffee Day is on September 29, 2015, a Tuesday.

The National Coffee Day is always observed, in the United States of America, on the 29th day of September, each year.

Origin and Purpose of the National Coffee Day:

There is no distinct record found as to the official origin of this special day. It has been noted though that there is an International Coffee Day observed by some countries in different dates annually. This day though toasts the popularity of coffee and reminds all to enjoy it. In reality, this day is observed by many coffee companies worldwide and raises awareness of the plight of coffee growers all over the world.

International Coffee Day:

International Coffee Day was first used in the United States of America on October 3, 2009 during the first New Orleans Coffee Festival. The National Coffee Day in America though was first observed in 2005. China observes this special day as founded by the International Coffee Organization in early April of 1997.

Japan was the first country to have their International Coffee Day. It was promoted by the All Japan Coffee Association on October 1, 1983. Some countries observing the International Coffee Day annually with their respective inaugural date are:

  • Philippines — Every October 21 each year at Lipa City, the Coffee Granary of the Philippines
  • Nepal — November 17, 2005
  • Indonesia — August 17, 2006 coinciding with the Independence Day of Indonesia
  • Taiwan — November 7, 2009

Observance of the National Coffee Day:

This day promotes fair trade coffee through freebies or discounted cups of coffee given by the many coffee companies across America. Coupons and special deals are also given on this day through social networking. This day is also spent sending eCards and free coffee gift certificates. (See the “Specials For You!” Section below for Coffee Offers and Special and read the Article entitled, National Coffee Day 2015 UPDATE #1 — Where & How To Get Freebies, Deals, & Coupons?” for lots more National Coffee Day offers, coupons, gift certificates & freebies).

When is the National Coffee Day in 2016?

The National Coffee Day is on September 29, 2016, a Thursday.

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