How Good and Amazing Sales Professionals look like?

Key to become successful in sales.

Who would you trust more?

Picture #1?


Picture #2?

Harvard Professor Mark Roberge spoke about these two, at first glance, different professions, with the same aim, but different results.

A nurse sells her skills, personality, health advice to her client.

A salesman sells a product and its benefits to his client.

Who would you trust more?

The NURSE, of course!

So why a salesman looks like this?

And not like this?

From my research, I summarized attributes typical of a professional salesperson. I also asked on Quora how they would define a good salesperson.

The top 3 attributes are prevalent and repeated through different articles:

Ability to Listen.

Ability to Feel- Empathy.

Competitive & Ego oriented person.
Note: Ego-oriented person is lead by his own success, not money.

Listed attributes describe a good salesman or saleswoman, let us say, salesperson.

  • In my mind, I imagine John.

He is smooth-looking, talkative, nice voice, overexcited, always supports my statements, and always caring about how I am doing?

  • But, my imagination of an amazing salesperson in 2021 is a little bit different.

I have not seen that the person should be caring, fair, and natural in any articles, like Matt.

So if we want to get clients on our site and have only one chance to do it, we should bet on TRUST.

Even you listen, understand your product, understand the market, you are empathetic, competitive. Trust is a key point.

How to build trust? This is something you can not learn, play, and you really have to mean it, believe in it, be the one.

#1 You Become Real You

Remember John and Matt?

When I talk to John, I sometimes feel a bit embarrassed. If I also look good as he does, and the way he talks, it seems so professional. So he asked me how I was doing, I started to tell him my story of how I lost luggage at the airport in Bangkok, but he seemed to be not interested. I think I do bother him with this story, and he would rather talk about business.

I am sure he wants to be over with me and go to the next call.


But he asked how I am doing, so does he care?

Matt is a bit more chill out. He is a sympathetic type, though. We usually start to talk about things on the market, exchange obligations, and advice for each other to overcome.

Actually, we started to speak about testing their product after a few calls. By this time, he completely understands our market situation, and I trust his opinion. I trust his work and a product.

Prospects realize faking, that a salesman playing theatre to obtain their trust. Prospects do not buy your look. They want to talk as they would talk with their friends. They do not need perfection.

2 # Creativity is the Language of Art. Sales in an Art.

I divide three types of salespersons based on their creative approach.

Junior- Advanced- Senior

  • Junior is choosing an easy way.

When he writes a cold email, he will open Google. Search for something like: “How to write cold email” or “The best email content,” etc., and rewrite the content. SEND.

  • Advanced is choosing to spend time on education and improvement.

He would learn techniques that work and would start to test them on different audiences. He would also measure the response rate and choose the way that works for him the most.

  • Senior continuously studying, attending courses which are not only about sales and marketing but also psychology or international culture and history.

He is creating his own unique way to approach his prospects. Understands the psychology behind customer decisions. It is lead by fact and reliable sources.

Let’s look at cliché statements I have constantly been receiving, and the senior salesman would not write!

  • Hi Paulina, how are you doing today?

From this question is to everyone understands that this person does not care about my day. How could when doesn’t know me?

  • My name is Carol, and I am a Business Development Manager in company XY.

First, I don’t care what your name or position is. As a manager, it seems you have no decision responsibilities, and your knowledge about technicalities, purchase conditions could be limited. You are pushed in every Monday morning company meeting to bring results, so you are throwing your hook to all ponds and wait which fish will catch.

  • Do you have time for a call tomorrow at 2 pm?
    How does your calendar look like?

Oh, so you do not know me, I don’t know you either. Asking me to talk with you about your product? Even I would admit this option. My brain already started to warn me that this will not easily end this call. You will most likely push me like crazy until I have to hang up, or I will admit a demo I will not make it. In the end, I will have a bad day because of your crazy questions and my arrogance. I hate to be arrogant, but they did not give me another choice, Damn it.

Of course, I have no time for your call.

I am already dialed!

What is the formula of the senior sales approach?

It is about the gradual dosing of emails.

  • It can start with building trust by asking open questions, which can be part of your audience’s research.
  • Educating your audience with webinars or course invites.
  • Offering your product would lead to a call to action via email content sequence.

3# Momentum of closing and move on

Push is the most negative old school approach in sales. I am avoiding doing it and don’t let others practice this technique on you either.

I had an amazing call experience lately from a call center in the Czech republic.
In my career, it has not happened to me yet, that I would be pleased to talk with someone at the call center.

Here is a transcripted telephone conversation:

C- Company (THEM)

P- Prospect (ME)

C: Do I speak with Mis Paulina Banska? (I started to an arrow down that this is telemarketing).

P: Yes, speaking.

C: I call from company XY we developed product XY you downloaded a month ago.

P: It is right

C: I only wanted to know if it was clear for you from the beginning, and how do you like it?

P: Well, I used it once, but at this moment I don’t need it but later surely will continue to use my free version. Regarding clearness, it was pretty understandable. There is nothing I would complain about.

C: That is great; thank you for that, and I wish you a nice day.

P: wow- no push, no offer, no more questions? He did not dial me? WOW WOW WOW.

I expect as a next step: that they will wait till I continue to use their product.

Most likely will, in the meantime, send me an email about customer satisfaction.

Or will call me when I become a more active user.

And do you know what? I will talk to them. I will even buy their product and not look at their competition.

Wrap Up

Becoming an amazing salesperson can happen when you become real and input your creativity into the process.

Think through your plan. Who do you want to approach? Decide based on your market research and segmentation.

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