Write For Us

  1. Submit to ROI Overload: If you would like to submit an individual story to ROI Overload please email a word doc or draft medium submission to editor@roioverload.com.
  2. Apply for a Contributor Position: If you would like to be a regular contributor position with ROI Overload, please email a CV to editor@roioverload.com with examples of previous work.

Topics We’re Interested In

  • Bleeding Edge Technology: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, VR/AR/MR, Distributed Ledger, IoT, Robotics, Health Tech, Communications, Big Data and Machine Learning.
  • Business Culture: Marketing, Sales, Hiring, Recruiting, Financials, M&A, Business Development, Culture and Politics.
  • Development and design: Programming, UX, UI, Saas, Apps, Software.
  • Startup Culture: Investing, Fundraising, Incubators, Pitching, Founding Leadership, Angel Investment, Take-to-Market, MVP’s and Entrepreneurship.


  • Stock photography: A picture tells 1000 words. Instead of using cheap stock images, use beautiful royalty-free images from Unsplash.
  • Pre-published stories: We don’t repurpose or plagiarise. All content should be original, or at least original on medium. You should attempt to submit unpublished drafts as they will get more viewership.
  • Syndication: We offer syndication between both our blog (www.medium.com/roi-overload) and our website (www.roioverload.com), allowing for maximum exposure of your content. All content will be released on both platforms.
  • Credit: We will always give full credit for any stories published on our forum. We offer one backlink to a personal site or blog which will be linked on both our medium forum as well as our website (www.roioverload.com).

**We reserve the right to edit photographs and copy where necessary**