Why Aren’t You Watching…? — Supernatural


So What’s it all About?

The two brothers at the centre of Supernatural, Sam and Dean Winchester, have a troubled family life. A mother who died when they were children, and a father who took them on the road while he worked across the country. Oh, and did I mention their father’s job was as a demon hunter?

Sam tries to get out of the family business of Supernatural investigation, but when their father goes missing, Dean recruits Sam back into the life of a Hunter, to try and find out what happened. Throw in some ghosts, demons, and some good old fashioned 80s rock music, and you have a recipe for ridiculous madness.

How Much Catching up do I Have to do?

Oh WOW. This is definitely the longest running show I’ve ever decided to do one of these posts about. Running since 2005, we’re on 10 seasons and counting. That’s a solid 200 hours of Supernatural goodness that you have to catch up on. They were on season 7 when I started watching, and it certainly took me a while to get up to date.

Why Should I Watch it?

It’s sort of difficult to know where to begin with Supernatural. It has changed and evolved so much over the past decade that what it was at the beginning is hardly recognisable compared to the show as it is today. It started off as a purely procedural “monster of the week” style show, with ghosts and ghouls and demons. Then, as it went on, it introduced more and more elements until even a fight with the devil himself felt like just part of a bigger story.

However, there are some constants. The relationship between Sam and Dean is absolutely excellent, and the two actors are so good at playing siblings it’s hard to believe that they aren’t related in real life. A few seasons in, their dynamic is both complicated and enhanced by the Angel Castiel, who’s rapport with Dean in particular is hilarious to watch.

It also knows how to take the piss out of itself. It went through a period of having at least three seriously meta episodes. One of the best examples of this is the amazingly self-referential “The French Mistake”, in which Sam and Dean are launched into an alternate universe…in which they are the two stars of a popular television series about demon hunting brothers. I think the ability to laugh at itself is part of the reason the show has managed to keep going for so long.

Overall, no matter how many times it jumps the shark, at it’s core it is just good, honest fun. Occasionally it does get a bit hard to slog through so many episodes, but then it comes out with such a corker of an episode that I’m drawn right back in.

Ok, I’m convinced, how can I get hold of it?

If you want to catch up, you can get around the first 8 seasons on Netflix. Or, if you prefer to own it, you can buy a bumper boxset on Amazon.co.uk.

As far as showing on TV, Season 11 (yes really) begins on the CW on Wednesdays at 9/8c

In the UK, it previously shows on Sky Living, whereas now it has been picked up on E4 and airs on Tuesdays at 10pm.

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