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M+ | West Kowloon Cultural District by Leica 21mm F3.4 ASPH + GFX 50s2 Pano Xpan View photo

I took the Leica 21SE to the M+ Museum this morning to practice Pano field photography…the 16mm equivalent was perfect for today’s practice…
21SE + 50s2 + LR v11 + TCP 50D Film Preset

Let’s start with the photos, Leica 21mm F3.4 ASPH + GFX 50s2 + LRv11 + TCP 50D/800T Film Preset… The photos are best viewed on an iMac 27", we suggest that if you view…




Camera / lenses Reviews

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LI Sam

LI Sam

Leica, GR3, Sony, Minolta & Film user, Street Photographer based in Hong Kong… 小小的器材控,近年學習放下器材,走進行頭小巷拍攝生活日常的小事小景

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