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The Best Phone Apps I used Every week… You Don’t Need a Large capacity of the iPhone or iCloud… But You may need it…

Do you regularly organize and back up your photos on your phone?

Do you have a habit of “photo management” when you use your iPhone / Ipad regularly? The iPhone has been around for 15 years. Since the iPhone 4/5, the function of taking photos has become very important, whether it’s to record your daily life, to take pictures of meals with friends, to take…




Camera / lenses Reviews

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10 Ways To Create The Perfect Online Video

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LI Sam

LI Sam

Leica, GR3, Sony, Minolta & Film user, Street Photographer based in Hong Kong… 小小的器材控,近年學習放下器材,走進行頭小巷拍攝生活日常的小事小景

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