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2007–2022 ~~15 years challenge~~The change of photography/equipment road

The author’s journey through 15 years of photography/equipment changes

The Konica Minolta D5D should be one of my longest-running DSLRs

I have been taking photos for more than five years since 2008, during which time I have met a group of fellow Minolta enthusiasts. During this period, the equipment used was mainly Minolta Auto SLR lenses with D5D bodies, and the shooting was straight out of Jpeg.




Camera / lenses Reviews

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LI Sam

LI Sam

Leica, GR3, Sony, Minolta & Film user, Street Photographer based in Hong Kong… 小小的器材控,近年學習放下器材,走進行頭小巷拍攝生活日常的小事小景

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