700 Horsepower

An excuse to game in multiple systems across a dirty apocalypse.

So the secret project is revealed! Fair enough, not much of a secret, but a fine excuse to indulge in the best kind of gaming, post-apocalyptica.

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700 Horsepower

A shadowy flight into the life of men (and women) who do not exist, and whom, if they did, would not be scavenging the land, Mad Max-style, involved in violent arranged Wasteland arena races, working their way up, occasionally hiding from zombies, and generally getting into mayhem. Certainly not.

None of this stuff will ever happen. None of it. Nope.

Systems. This is where it gets good, and by good I mean “what are you thinking?”:

Machinas: Death Racing in the Wasteland
  • Two-Hour Wargames: Machinas — Vaguely reminiscent of a cross-breed of AutoDuel and Mille Bornes, except less fiddly on both sides and with more guns. This is the motorcycle-to-big-rig portion of the systems we’re going to bang out and bang into each other.
After the Horsemen
  • THW: After the Horsemen — The hardcore scrounge-in-the-wastes as your character portion of things. I’ll probably have to drop in a few light mechanics hacks to bring it up to spec with the latest version of Chain Reaction mechanics (particularly the In Sight mechanics), but that should be reasonable. Dust, grit, and the beautiful empty ruins of mankind’s last gasp.
All Things Zombie: Final Fade Out
  • THW: All Things Zombie: Final Fade Out — Don't look surprised. It’s me and an apocalypse. There were going to be zombies. Just not everywhere, all the time, and there might be some … unexpected twists.
Microscope RPG
  • Lame Mage Productions: Microscope — And this is where things start getting weird, because I don’t fully intend to flesh out the back-story before we kick off. Some elements are fixed (after all, we know where we’re ending up and some of the setting players), but how did all this come to be? There’s only one way to find out. Make it happen.
Kingdom RPG
  • LMP: Kingdom— And while we're at it, how about some characters who aren't Wasteland-wandering murder hobo racers get some spotlight time? Maybe one of the barely-surviving communities our racers found a small track out in the hinterlands, maybe the 7th Street Priesthood themselves, at some point we’ll shift over and bang around with some people whose lives are not the only ones on the line as regards their bad choices.

That’s not all that might show up (after all, some Red Streets, Blue Mats can always be a welcome change with kung fu challenges to the death instead of smears on the road), but we'll leave that aside for the moment.

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700 Horsepower is really just an excuse to get excited again about some gaming, and that’s the best part. What does that name even mean? I don’t know … yet! Given a framework, can we get hooked hard enough to keep playing? Maybe! It’s worth a try, if nothing else.

Most of our gameplay will take place in the Google+ Community 700 Horsepower that has been set up to act as a central meeting place. If you’re interested in playing or just following what we’re up to, that’s the place to jump in and let us know. Most gameplay will be recorded via Google Hangouts/Hangouts on Air or via capture of Roll20, where our mechanical repository is already set up and ready to rumble.

If you’re curious about how such a thing could turn out well or are interested in playing with us, just hit us up in the Community for 700 Horsepower.

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