The Nebari Who Sold The World

Below are the characters for the upcoming freeform (or live-action roleplay) the Nebari Who Sold the World. Play it at Phenomenon, 9–12 June 2017 in Canberra.


The cold war between the Peacekeepers and the Scarrans has been stewing for years. Both sides seek a military advantage to break the stalemate.

Meanwhile, a high-ranking Nebari has gone rogue. On the run and needing protection from the Establishment that wants him dead, he’s offering up the Nebari’s greatest military secrets to the highest bidder.

Peacekeepers, Scarrans and every two-bit pirate, rebel, arms-dealer and opportunist are all scrambling to get a piece of the pie, or whatever scraps may fall from the table.

It seems all the pieces are ready to lead inevitably to war and annihilation. Amongst the clatter and the chaos can you eke out a future for yourself? For your people? And what will it cost you?

What’s the game again? A Farscape freeform of trade and diplomacy for 28 players.

What level of seriousness is it? Moderate. While the setup is serious, it wouldn’t be Farscape without some pithy one-liners and pop-culture references.

What genre/setting is it? Science Fiction. Set in the Farscape universe, towards the end of Season 3, before the events of Season 4 and Peacekeeper Wars. Setting knowledge helpful but not necessary. No canon characters.

What system does it use? Systemless, or very close to.

What movie rating would it get? M, some violence, sexual references, drug use, adult themes.

Farscape was originally proposed as the cantina scene from Star Wars, so there is lots of scope for creative costuming of all the weird and wonderful denizens of the universe.

Available Characters

To allow enough time for those of you who’d like to prepare costumes in advance I’ve included an early list of characters below. Keep in mind that the game is still in development so the descriptions are extremely bare bones at the moment. I’ll update with proper blurbs in a few more weeks.

Screen accurate costumes are in no way expected and creative reinterpretations are strongly encouraged.

If you’d like to reserve one of these characters, comment or send me a message below.

All characters are written to be gender neutral and can have their gender changed (including intersex and other genders), just let me know your preferred gender when requesting a character.

Rogue Nebari and allies


Meela: Formerly a high ranking member of the Nebari Establishment, now gone rogue and selling Nebari secrets in exchange for his safety.

Sonis: A Nebari resistance fighter helping Meela escape. (Reserved)

Zigor: A stimulant-using bodyguard hired to keep Meela safe. (Reserved)

Shana Havan-See: An exiled Delvian priest, now running an independent and strictly neutral trading post. The host for Meela’s negotiations. (Reserved)


Costume suggestions: While full body grey or blue makeup would be awesome, noone realistically expects that. A consistent colour pallette of grey clothes would work well for the Nebari and blue for the Delvian would work well. Combat-esque gear like cargo pants, vests, leather and weapons or any other sci-fi accoutrements you care to add would work well for Zigor the mercenary.



Commander Ava Dellos: A high ranking commander in Peacekeeper forces, trying to get an upper hand in the war.

Captain Rian Caydon: A battle-cruiser captain and Commander Dellos’ second in command. (Reserved)

Lieutenant Owan Nik: A technical officer currently assigned to Commander Dellos.

Costume suggestions: Lots of black and red and leather and vinyl. Corsets and light S&M gear would be totally appropriate for higher ranking officers. Techs could get away with khaki or green overalls.

Peacekeeper Special Operations

Peacekeeper Special Ops

Commander Sovi Lyn: A sly and crafty commander of the special operations division. (Reserved)

Captain Nola Etan: A former retrieval squad captain, Commander Lyn’s second in command. (Reserved))

Lieutenant Jak Andery: An intelligence officer assigned to Commander Lyn. (Reserved)

Costume suggestions: More black and red leather, leaning towards darker more muted reds and more obvious weaponry.

Scarran Ministry of War


War Minister Toza: A high ranking Scarran noble and chief general of the Scarran forces. (Reserved)

Krishtan: War Minister Toza’s aide de camp, mourning the loss of his mate and his dreams.

Grath: A Charrid general employed by War Minister Atalia, oversees Charrid shock troops.

Costume suggestions: Spikes, leather, metal, corsets, fantasy armor, S&M gear, buckles and straps. Armor and face tattooes for the Charrids. Shimmery lizard scale makeup would also be very appropriate for the Scarrans. No one expects full face prosthetics.

Scarran Ministry for Security


Security Minister Atalia: A high ranking Scarran noble responsible for internal Scarran security and espionage. (Reserved)

Polneck: Minister Atalia’s totally creepy Chief of secret police. Into genetic engineering and body modification.

Wolesh: Head of Minister Atalia’s Charrid security forces, with a penchant for tinkering with devices.

Costume suggestions: Spikes, leather, metal, corsets, fantasy armor, S&M gear, buckles and straps. Armor, dreadlocks and forehead tattoos for the Charrids. Shimmery lizard scale makeup would also be very appropriate for the Scarrans. No one expects full face prosthetics.

Kalish and Banik rebels


Valissa: Formerly a well respected Kalish servant of the Scarran Empire, now a leader of a cell of Kalish rebels seeking freedom and independence for their people. (Reserved)

Lukash: A former slave of the Scarrans, now a strident rebel.

Reen: A Bannik, formerly a peacekeeper slave, now working with the Kalish to overthrow both sets of masters.

Costume suggestions: Gold and orange clothes would suffice. If you want to go all out you could get a red or orange wig and some shimmery scale makeup and blue contacts.
Anything kind of scruffy would probably work for Reen.

The Breakaway Colonies

Breakaway Colony nobles

Viceroy Pylan Bo: A high ranking diplomat representing a group of Sebacean worlds that have broken away from the Peacekeepers and are struggling to maintain their independence. (Reserved)

Jamin Ghebb: A technician helping Viceroy Pylan Bo secure a weapon that can guarantee independence for the Breakaway Colonies.

Kivan Obrey: A security advisor to the royal family of the Breakaway Colonies.

Costume suggestions: Loose flowing robes or tops and pants in luxurious fabrics.

Zenetan Pirates

Zenetan pirates

Captain Skarla: Captain of a pirate vessel looking to make a quick profit and keep the ship flying. (Reserved)

Karron: A pirate, first mate to Captain Skarla, wanting to make enough money to settle down and give up this life of crime. (Reserved)

Arlex: A pirate, looking for love in all the wrong places. (Reserved)

Costume suggestions: More red and black leather here, but leaning towards a dirtier, cobbled together armor look rather than neat military uniforms. Eye-patches, scars and large black facial tattoos.

Independent traders

Grayz: A Plokavian arms trader, dealer in dangerous and forbidden weapons and technology.

Davon: A sawbones and body modification specialist.

Tanvin Sen: An ex-Peacekeeper, now freelance bounty hunter, working with Grayz. (Reserved)

Costume suggestions: There is a lot of room for creativity in the costumes for these characters. The Plokavians are often disfigured by the dangerous weapons they deal in, so tend to wear deep hoods that help cover their face. But most people don’t really know what they look like, so you can interpret largely how you like. Miscellaneous weapons, equipment and goggles would work well for all of these characters. Check out some of the other denizens of the Farscape universe below for inspiration.

Other costume inspiration

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