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Threefold Blessings — Pheno freeform

It is spring and the changelings of the three allied freeholds of Canberra are gathering for their equinox rites. They will bless their festival of rebirth, remember their past, and renew their vows of fealty. They will dance, drink, sing, duel and love, for all these things and more are blessed on the equinox.

I am running a revised edition of my Changeling the Dreaming game using Nordic-style consent mechanics, previously called Threehold, at Phenomenon (October 2018, Canberra, you should go).

The cast from the second “playtest” run in Melbourne. Photo courtesy of Ben Taylor and Natasha Shelvey.

If the scheduling gods are kind the game will run over two sessions, back to back. There will be workshops for the first two hours, and game play for the remaining 4 hours. The workshops will cover the safety and consent mechanics, some basics about Nordic-style play, and a semi-structured relationship building session. Following the Nordic tradition, I’ve put details of the play style, setting, schedule and mechanics in the design document.

Want to know more about Nordic-style larp try these tips for your first Nordic-larp, or for a deep dive.


If you are signed up to play the game at Pheno this year, you can request a character from the list below. However, just because you’ve requested a character is no guarantee that you’ll get it or even that you’ll be scheduled into the game. I’m not in charge of scheduling and absolutely can not guarantee you a spot.

With that caveat in mind, you can request from the below characters by commenting on this article, emailing me or messaging me on Facebook.

Great Gaian Freehold

Baron Gawain: Sidhe, Wilder. A Sidhe who rules according to the traditional feudal paradigm. Noble, heroic and vain.

Dame Aoife (pronounced like ee-fa): Sidhe, Grump. Baron Gawain’s mail plated right hand and protector of the freehold. Wise and patient, but with an independent spirit.

Squire Howell: Boggan, Wilder. Dame Aoife’s loyal squire, a Boggan and technically a commoner. He hopes to become a knight one day.

Dame Olwyn: Troll, Wilder. A steadfast and honorable knight. Holds her superiors to a very high standard and isn’t afraid to criticise them if they fail.

Sir Marvyn: Sidhe, Childling. An up and coming knight. Passionate, idealistic, and maybe a little spoiled.

Lady Isolde: Sidhe, Wilder. A beautiful courtly lady. She plays the intrigues and emotions of the freeholds like it’s sport to soothe her own lovelorn soul.

Sir Fynbar: Troll, Grump. Loyal to a fault. Hopeless romantic.

Selma: Eshu childling. Serves the freehold as a page and messenger, but has dreams of something greater.

The Freehold of the Curled Horn

Cordelia: Satyr, Wilder. A commoner, the democratically elected ruler of the Freehold of the Curled Horn, passionate and affectionate, but sometimes reckless.

Weylan: Nocker, Grump. Cordelia’s most trusted advisor. Foul mouthed and even fouler tempered, but his heart is in the right place.

Tremain: Troll, Childling. A free-spirited young fighter passionate about protecting Cordelia and the Freehold.

Darby: Pooka, Wilder. A fox-spirited trickster, she values her freedom above almost everything else.

Ragnar: Redcap, Wilder. An unruly redcap. Sinister and dangerous, but loyal to his friends.

Bhanu: Eshu, Wilder. A wandering musician. Brother to Chandra. Fairly recent arrival to the freehold. Calm and serious.

Chandra: Eshu, Wilder. A wandering storyteller. Sister to Bhanu. Fairly recent arrival to the freehold. Wild and adventurous.

Bridgit: Boggan, Grump. The matronly cook of the freehold. She makes sure all the members of the Curled Horn go off to their adventures on a full stomach and well supplied.

The Freehold of Starlight

Baroness Levena (undone) was a Troll who had been ennobled and entered the ranks of the Nobility. She was widely recognised as a just and fair ruler of the Freehold of Starlight, but has recently succumbed to the Undoing (and thus isn’t available to be played). The freehold is now without a ruler and a new leader must be chosen before the final midwinter rite.

Lady Rowena: Sidhe, Wilder. An obvious contender for the next ruler of the Freehold of Starlight, she was the fearless protector of Baroness Levena

Lord Vardon: Sluagh, Grump. An obvious contender for the next ruler of the Freehold of Starlight, an ennobled Sluagh, he was the cunning and revered advisor to Baroness Levena

Hamstead: Sluagh, Wilder. Lord Varden’s apprentice secret keeper

Enid: Nocker, childling. A wild and imaginative inventor, she has been taken under Lady Rowena’s wing.

Sir Nelson: Troll, wilder. A troll knight torn between his friends.

Keelin: Sidhe, Grump. A wise but strange old sidhe who has never held a title in his life. He is prone to mysticism. He says that the true connection to the dreaming is in childlings, so he defers to them in all things.

Yundarra: Pooka childling. A shy bilby pooka, she speaks cryptically but has great insight.

Pern: Satyr wilder. Despite his salacious reputation, he looks out for the more vulnerable members of the freehold in a brotherly way.

Icons are by Freepik from



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