My Experience with CBD (and How To Save On Some of My Favorite Products!)

Disclaimer: This company is NOT paying me for this article. I just want to get this out to as many people as possible.

I found out tonight that Seventh Sense (the company that makes my pain relief products) is having a massive clearance sale. I picked up several 500 mg Deep Relief Creams for less than the cost of one at normal retail price on their website. Clearance items are advertised at up to 40% off, However, I got my products for about half their regular price. If you or someone you love has chronic pain or has always wanted to try CBD, I highly recommend it.

Here’s a little bit about my chronic pain journey, and how I came across this wonderful company.

If you know me, you know that one of the pervasive, ever-present symptoms of my disabilities is chronic pain. Cerebral Palsy causes chronic pain. So do migraines. So does Lymphedema. I am always in pain, even if I “look fine”. It varies in intensity and severity but-like the depression Eeyore just can’t shake-chronic pain is always there.

I stumbled on CBD products in the winter of 2018. I had just been taken off of my RX pain medication and nothing was working. Tylenol has been like spitting on a forest fire since I was a teenager. Prescription-strength Ibuprofen did nothing but make me extremely sick, and my doctors and I were at a loss.

Cut to me browsing the mall. I passed this beautiful little stall store called Seventh Sense and asked about it. The clerk gave me samples and I was amazed. The Deep Relief CBD Cream did wonders for me. My legs were still tense and stiff, but I had little to no pain. I have been using the products ever since.

Chronic pain treatment is often obscenely expensive. Contrary to popular belief, insurance companies often don’t cover common chronic pain treatments. (For more about that, you can read my piece on chronic pain and insurance companies linked below.)

This company also has products to help with pain, relaxation, and sleep. They have balms, muscle rubs, bath bombs, tinctures, oils, gummies, etc. Everything isn’t included in the sale, but the clearance section is fairly substantial.

If you have ever wanted to try CBD products, please check them out.

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