🧠Though I have never yet🧠

Nov 18 · 3 min read
Illustration by Rolli

Though I have never yet

been offended

one late day
my last gray neurons
may clasp hands

and strolling through
the beautiful
of my skull mutter some

that whets
my demented

Poet’s Note №1

This poem/drawing is from my unpublished collection of illustrated poetry, The Last Poet.

Bad news: I sent The Last Poet to 100 publishers at least, and they all sent it back.

Good news: The manuscript makes for a handsome coaster.

Poet’s Note №2

Like all of my poems, this one was “not distributed in topics.” Aren’t the curato-bots (Medium Curators) wonderful?

About the Poet

Rolli is the author of four books for adults and children, including The Sea-Wave and Kabungo. His new one-man Medium magazine is called — Rolli.

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Medium CEO Ev Williams

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As nearly all of my posts are poetry, cartoons, or efficient fiction/essays, I’m faring very poorly under this new system.

Since the change was implemented, my Partner Program earnings have plummeted by 90%, and hundreds (if not thousands) of others are in the boat.

If you want to help, send a tweet or email to Medium CEO Ev Williams (ev@medium.com) and/or to yourfriends@medium.com expressing your displeasure with the unfair new system, and asking them to restore all the missing earnings which have essentially been stolen from its writers. I and others would be so grateful!

Slowly re-reading this post 100 times would also help enormously ;)

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Stories, Poems, Cartoons, Drawings — and More