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I’d come to find out that at the outset of the 2020 Pandemic Protocols in the Philippines, which called for the violent enforcement of the most convoluted lockdown administrations atop an already-authoritarian nation, he executed a plan he’d mostly only imagined in his sleep, but I guess had traces of in Evernote and Lucid.

I know that an option to rent adjacent units on the seventh floor was executed by email, with ad-lib scripts filled in by macros that grabbed headlines for causes from localized news search engines: Twitter, Google News, Reddit, Facebook, and proper nouns from Gmail IMAP queries, of like, rent managers of the building. 87% of the persons that have ever traveled through the complex, was called The Residences of Greenbelt or “TRAG” then. It would go something like: “Dear,” then the mail server would inject the proper noun. In the case that I saw it was, “Dear Ms. Jel of Ayala Land.” Then the body would read something like “Due to the sudden traumatic effects of,” then something like “the coronavirus” would get injected. Unit numbers, restatement of terms to confirm, as well as attached signed files would be sent without any oversight. Joe would just get confirmation that the option to rent was completed.

I personally went to see him in the earliest years of the pandemic; I think it was in June or July of 2021. When I was there, I was told that the only way to get to the seventh, was to get off at the private gym, then take the south fire exit to the seventh. When I opened the fire exit, prim, there was this production line of crisp black khakis mechanically marching up the stairwell; they only took this -well up, and they used the north stairwell down.

Later that day, I’d find a chart on a display in a room that I believe was next to one that he actually lived and worked in. I didn’t see him that day, though. So, if that’s what you need in your testimony, I’m not your guy.

What I can tell you is that the staff in all black, those black khakis, carried two reams of paper each. I thought it might’ve been campaign material for the elections in 2022 or something. I didn’t think too much of it, other than. Well.

Come to think of it this is interesting. To me anyway.

They weren’t blank pages. One of the girls told me the pages had confidential material, and that she couldn’t talk about it, or her accesses would be immediately revoked. That much, only, she could tell me. But they didn’t know that I understood Tagalog.

From what I gathered, they were scanning. One of the girls was still a student, and there to try to learn more about the project Joe was doing on reverse engineering psychology by the words that were written by a community. The scanners weren’t on the seventh, that was just were pages were sent to be spot-checked.



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