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“I know that the DDoS attacks were not the objective. He’s always obsessed over getting the Internet to talk back to him.”

“Interesting. We’ve heard this — we’ve heard about something like this, anyway, from other staff.”

“Yes. So, I think that’s where a lot of the foundation work came in — with the open-source servers and teaching Filipinos in the province to run those data centers with the caches of Wikipedia’s Tagalog articles.”

“Okay. But is this where the key loggers came in. What was all that call center data about?”

“No. The keyboards were about testing the process. It was a proof of concept of getting that network — getting a network to talk back. You know, talk doesn’t necessarily mean, like, clear indications or statements, but just — signals. Like how a pet might talk back to you. I think that’s all that he could have possibly hoped for in the beginning.”

“Were you a part of the keyboard project? Remember that Queen for the Day only works if you are completely open with us.”

“This is everything I’ve got, alright. I don’t have anything left. Nobody knows where Joe is. I don’t know what I’m gonna do now. I’m being open with you. No. I wasn’t a part of the keyboard project. And you know what, you guys assume so much less of this guy. You assume he’s got an office behind him on these projects, but I never saw that. He was all alone. There was nothing grandiose about it. I feel like it’s maybe a grandiose means, convoluted, chaotic, complex — but ultimately, they were just signals. Was just looking to illicit signals. Not trigger or manufacture signals. But independent signals.”

“But based on the data we have on this; he couldn’t have been acting alone.”

“Okay, so the keyboards for example. The intention wasn’t to spam the blockchain. Keys were encrypted as you typed, like each key was a Yubi. So, the keys themselves never made it to anyone; was never seen. That was mechanical. Firmware. And the network of wallets that floated the Bitcoin, it didn’t take much. Each key was the lowest possible denomination of Satoshi. 8 decimals.”

“Right. So, no possible way those banking passwords and PINs could’ve been stored.”



“I mean, I don’t think so.”



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