Climbing Cathedral Peak in Yosemite

An otherworldly classic climb in Tuolumne (5.6 Trad).

The Southeast Buttress route is spectacular and popular for a reason. We got great conditions in September and could do the route car to car from 7am to 4pm.

We did a start from the Cathedral Trailhead at 7am..
..and finished the approach at 8:10am.
And off we go!
The standard route A starts with a fun/easy crack and two large flakes.
It can get quite busy with wait times, but the everybody was friendly. You might encounter some simul-climbing parties. The chimney is one of the most technical sections of the climb (especially entering it).
Going up after the chimney. Except for a last steep face, it gets simpler.
View on the Eichorn’s Pinnacle (to link-up next time..).
View from the top and after the short submit downclimb.
Finishing the last section of 4th class down scramble.
The last ridge before the sweet trail going back to the base.




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