Desolation Wilderness — Rockabound Vuelta

On the West side of Lake Tahoe, California is the park of Desolation Wilderness.

In Spring the conditions can still be quite cold and with some snow, even if usually it is warm during the day. There is a great 40+ miles loop to do around the Rockabound and Rubicon valleys.

Crips & Clear weather
It froze during the night but the big storm is now gone.
Rockabound pass was manageable without much trouble, most of the snow was hard in the morning and the wind still reasonable.
The valley is much greener at this time of the year than in Fall
The scenery is the best at the end of the valley, and it is also the less frequented place.
Because of the large flow some crossings can be tricky.
After the more busy Loon Lake it is great to go back deep into the park and pass the tree line again.
Many streams, flowers, colors.. a very refreshing season/trip in both sense of the term!



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