Kayaking the Exumas

5-day expedition in the Bahamas Islands among Cays and all the blue colors.

This trip was postponed a few years ago due to stormy weather conditions. This time I went in early April, at the end of the season before it gets too hot and hurricanes become possible. This was a good timing even if it got pretty windy and wavy during two days, conditions were good, very few bugs and storms.

There were hues of all the possible blues and some pretty good remoteness. There was quite amount of adventure and the navigation happened to be sometimes challenging due to the large waves and strong currents.

Overall it was an amazing trip in a very exotic location!

After looking like the only one in the plane not coming for honeymooning, a 40 min taxi ride lead me to the Barraterre docks at the northern tip of Exuma.

First sunset camping and many stars

After loading-up the kayak for 5 days, the first paddles in the evening were a bliss. I never saw that much blue water. It was not that windy and decently warm. A great start!

Transparent waters and more remoteness on day 2

Second day was with the current in the back, which allowed great mileage. There are a few stops along the way perfect for snorkeling.

Excellent spot before Farmer’s Cayes and some turtle visitor (or vice versa)

I pushed some more on day 3 after visiting a nearby mangrove with crystal clear water.

Continuing until just before White Point. The wind started to pick-up and the waves getting bigger and bigger..

The bay before the White Point cove

White Point was the furthest point of the trip. Now, a large section of the way back would be against the wind and current.

A little trail goes up to the other side of the island and to White Point. One of my favorite places of the trip.

Coming back from White Point got a bit challenging due to the large sideways waves, but then the long coast is easy and pretty. Post Farmer’s Cay is very scenic, but then I realized that I would not make it to the planned public island before sunset. After a medium size crossing I landed on a tiny cay after dodging some reefs.

Sunset, on the windy side but protected thanks to the palm trees

There is a long crossing of 12 km / 8 miles from Norman’s Pond Cay. Some cross winds and waves but manageable as it stays pretty shallow and the current is also slow. The landing was on a quiet white sand beach with clear waters.

The most memorable part of the trip!

Evening landing after a long crossing

There was good solitude on the lower side of the bay (except about one pig :). I got a stormy night and the high tide ate up almost all the beach.

Sunset on Lily Cay and early morning paddle while shielded from the wind by the series of cays
After the expedition, I spent one night at Rolleville and kitesurfed around Coco plumb beach. Perfect location and amazing spot.
Majestic view on a calm bay with Lily Cay (second from the left, last night of the expedition)



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