Philippines & Boracay

Working and Kitesurfing during a tropical Team retreat.

Despite being pretty cliché, this combo has been proven to be very productive and a great vector of growth via traveling the world and learning about it.

Departing from San Francisco with a stopover in Japan
Manilla would require more time than we had (1 day) to be really discovered
But we made it to Boracay, a popular and gorgeous island..
.. which was not very crowded at this beginning of the year.
It is very easy to walk around and the Northern part of the island is quiet (but this might have changed nowadays)
The villa had an amazing view on the bay..
.. which made it an excellent office and gear depot.
A full panorama from the main balcony
Various type of street food can be experimented
And the water temperature and lack of big crowds at this season delivered
Last view on Manilla before the long journey back



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