14 Tips To Build a Strong and Healthy Relationship with Your Partner

Unconditional love is essential to a strong bond.

Suzan Dalia
Jan 16 · 9 min read

Building a relationship is like building your body. You workout to build a stronger body. It’s the same in a relationship, you work out together to build a stronger relationship.

It’s very common for people to start a romantic relationship with someone that starts off positive with great chemistry. As months and years go by — the great chemistry dries off and problems start to appear.

The relationship goes downhill.

Truth is: No relationship is pitch-perfect. There will flaws.

Being in a relationship is like applying for work. It takes lots of hard work, commitment, consistency, and effort to make the relationship work out great. The work becomes easier if two are willing to become teammates and work through it together. Simply because two heads are better than one. I believe most relationship fails because of immaturity and leaving when things get a tiny little difficult. It’s easy to run away from problems but the problems will keep haunting us if we don’t face it and fix it right away.

1. Trust

What’s a relationship without trust? It’s a broken relationship. It’s a dead love. Trusting means you’re on the same page. It means you’re on the same team. You rely on each other against the world. You’re transparent with each other and have nothing to hide with each other. You trust each other when the whole world is unsupportive of you. You don’t hide secrets from each other.

You play mind games with each other if you don’t have trust. And there is no point in continuing the relationship if the trust isn’t there in the first place.

Build trust with one another. It’s going to build a strong bond between you two.

2. Communication

You have to be precise with what you’re saying without having any grey area in your statement. It takes practice. It’s not normal to guess what each other are thinking at the moment, otherwise we “feel” what the other person “feels” without any clear statement. “Feeling” what the other person is “feeling” just makes us go through because we don’t know the truth of what the other person is truly feeling and thinking.

Both of you have to say precisely what you feel at the moment. Say precisely what you are thinking at the moment. You shouldn’t read other’s mind without words. Express what’s on your mind from your lips. Communication is a great key to the relationship. You get to know each other better through communication.

Talk. Use your mouth.

3. Honesty

If you lie to your partner, then you lie to yourself. Lying to each other means you don’t trust each other. It means you’re highly confused and lost in yourself. Confused people lie. It’s wrong to lie to your partner. Lying won’t make the relationship last. Real problems won’t be solved by lying. Problems get solved quicker and easier by being honest with each other. Honesty gets you to the core of the issue. That’s how you can fix the issue quicker.

Tell each other the honest truth instead of lying and pretending. Lying is worse than the harsh truth. Being honest makes you a real, authentic person who grew out of silly mind games.

4. Gratitude

Instead of investing focus on the negative side of the relationship, start feeling good for the positive side of the relationship. Hold on to that feeling. Hold on to that good feeling. Think of the positive side of the relationship like you had at the beginning of dating each other. Hold tight to that.

What made you both fall for each other at first sight? Tell each other what you’re grateful for each other. Write a list of all the things you’re grateful for your partner. Showering your gratitude for your partner makes your partner want to do more of the good things to you. Start appreciating each other for both of your great qualities.

5. Apologize

You can’t apologize if you aren’t empath. Saying sorry means you care about the other person’s feelings and frustration. You can’t just mess things up and say stupid things without apologizing. It makes you show off as an ignorant, arrogant person who thinks he/she is better than anyone. Some people don’t want to apologize because they think it makes them look weak. It doesn’t. It’s mature and brave to apologize when you mess things up.

Set your own pride and ego to the side. Apologizing is a hint that you care about the relationship to work. Not wanting to apologize out of pride means you take the relationship for granted and only care about yourself, not your partner’s frustration.

If you’re an empath you will feel and understand your partner’s frustration when you mess things up.

6. Listen

Both of you need to listen to each other without interrupting. Interrupting is rude. It’s hard to not interrupt in the beginning but you have to learn not to interrupt with practice. There won’t be solutions to problems if you don’t listen to each other.

Most fights/arguments continue because couples don’t take a step back and listen to what each other has to say. If you love your partner, then allow her/him to express what’s on their mind without getting triggered. And vice versa. It should be fair for both of you.

7. Understanding

Listening is a great thing to have. It’s way better than hear instead of listening. It’s great the two of you listen to what each other have to say. It’s better to listen than not listen to what your partner has to say.

But there is no point in listening if you just hear your partner and not be understanding of them.

Understanding means you put your own ego and pride to the side and do something about the problem between you two. It could be you have a positive changed behavior than before. Understand if your partner expresses his/her frustration. Don’t just listen only, UNDERSTAND them.

The worst thing is hearing without listening and listening without understanding. Both of you have to listen AND understand at the same time. Listen to understand.

8. Compromise

Compromise is about sacrifice. Both of you have to be equally invested in the relationship to make it work. You can agree to disagree and still be on the same team. You have to sync into one to make the relationship work out. You have to put yourself in your partner’s shoes and your partner has to put himself/herself in your shoes.

You don’t lose yourself by compromising. Compromise is part of unconditional love; You are willing to bend a little to save the relationship than do nothing about it and let the relationship crash. Compromising is about lowering your own EGO to protect your relationship. It’s about not letting your ego dominate the relationship between you two. It’s not about who’s right and wrong. It’s about being fair.

If both of you cherish your relationship then you’re willing to protect it.

9. Acceptance

There can be some things you have a hard time accepting about each other. It could be you struggle to accept your partner’s past or your partner has struggled to accept your behavior from the last argument. You need to let go of what your partner did in the past. The past doesn’t matter anymore. What matters now is here and now. The present moment is important. The person they are today is important than who they were in the past.

It could be your partner have a different opinion about a certain topic that bothers you. Maybe YOU have a different opinion on a certain topic that bothers your partner.

Being in a relationship doesn’t automatically mean both of you have the same personality. Sure you can have lots of things in common and still be different. It means you are two different people who love each other for who they are. Start accepting each other the way you are. Being accepted means you feel understood. It makes you feel like you can be yourself without being unrighteous judged.

10. Forgiveness

Forgiving is not always easy but necessary for your relationship to continue forward. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you forget what happened. A strong relationship stays strong when your partner is the bigger person to apologize and you are courageous enough to forgive them. And vice visa. Forgive when your partner has said hurtful things to you which he/she didn’t mean. Vice versa. Couples will make mistakes and it’s for both of the couples to forgive each other for making stupid mistakes. Forgive each other. Forgive your partner and forgive yourself.

Forgiveness means both of you choose to heal from past relationship issues.

11. Expect Nothing

A strong relationship happens when both of you stop expecting too much of each other. When you don’t expect anything from each other then you’re giving space to each other. You give space to your partner to be themselves fully and you have space to be yourself fully. Expecting nothing means you let go.

Having a partner who expects too much from you gives you lots of unnecessary stress and pressure that shouldn’t be there in the first place. Both of you need to let go of expectations and enjoy being in each other’s presence.

12. Excitement

Work and school can take a lot of our time and drain the excitement out of us. That’s why both of you need to remind each other to make plans together. Share activities together. I understand you can’t do exciting activities every day but make plans to do fun activities once in a while when you can. It doesn’t have to cost anything to do fun activities. You could read a book together, watch a fun movie together or take a walk in the park together.

Start a pillow fight together. Go to a museum together if it has free admission. Take advantage of the free activities out there in the world. Hike together. Join a free event and watch what happens.

13. Patience

Love is patience, as the Bible says. Both of you have to be patient with each other even though you find each other annoying and irritating at times. Patience is unconditional love. Be patient with your partner’s recovery after an incident. Be patient with each other in general. Be patient when things get a little difficult and rough sometimes.

Stay patient together. There is always light at the end of the tunnel when things get tough between you two.

14. Loyalty

Loyalty a priority in a relationship. It is about being teammates and count on each other 100%. You won’t let anyone break the bond between you two and you stay true to each other. Nothing in the world can come between you two.

Your partner is priceless to you and you are priceless to your partner. You will never replace your partner with someone of higher status and a great look. Neither does your partner wants to replace you with someone of higher status and a great look either.

You defend your partner and your partner defends you from idiotic people.

I could honestly go on for hours to talk about how to build a strong relationship. Showing love and compassion to each other is important too. Express your feelings to each other. Be vulnerable to each other. Share your secrets to each other without being betrayed and exposed. Be there for each other. Surprise each other with flowers and gifts. Laugh together in joy. Remember to say important sentences such as “I Love You”, “Thank You,” “I’m Sorry”, and “I Trust You”


Love is about merging each other’s happiness into one! Love is about being satisfied with seeing your partner happy. Love is about being there for each other when things get tough. It’s about you two against the world. It’s about passion and kindness. The Bible says “Love is patient” so why aren’t couples patient with each other through difficult times?

The two of you can have a great, fantastic loving relationship if you both have the will and thrive for it to become a great relationship.

Build your relationship like you’re building a home. Both of you are supposed to build a strong relationship that feels like home for both of you. In that home, there is love, joy, laughter, compassion, coziness, fun, and beauty.

That home symbolizes love.

Don’t let the tornado (fights) destroy the home that belongs to both of you.

I hope you enjoyed this article today.

Disclaimer: I recommend not to invest a relationship with a partner who is toxic, abusive, narcissistic, evil, cruel, and a cheater. Abusive and narcissistic partner is not worth being in a relationship with. You can find someone better to have a more positive experience with than negative experience with.

I’m not a certified relationship/love expert.

Thank you for reading my article!

My pen name is Suzan Dalia and I’m a writer. My goal is to write articles that her readers can think and learn from. I write anything like essays, health, wellness, lifestyle, personal stories. I share my wisdom, inspirations, and motivational content to lift people’s souls.

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Suzan Dalia

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Romance Monsters

Let’s get real about love and relationships.

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