The Cycle

A poem

Edie Tuck
Edie Tuck
Jan 2 · 1 min read
( Image by Lars_Nissen_Photoart from Pixabay)

One day at a time you fight
You step in and out of the light
Breathe in and hold it tight
What’s wrong can feel so right
When the day turns into night
When the frog becomes a knight
His kiss makes your heart take flight
Then he’s gone and out of sight

The fight is gone and replaced with numbness
The light disappears and fades into darkness
Release your breath into nothingness
What was right is now just emptiness
The night swallows you into its vastness
The knight vanishes into the wilderness
His kiss is gone, leaving you breathless
You’re alone again and filled with sadness

One day at a time, you’re stronger
The darkness starts to fade, the sky becomes lighter
Your breath once more light as a feather
Wrong and right are entangled together
Day and night spin around and under
The knight, you were, always the fighter
From the past, now asunder
Never alone, happiness now and forever

This story is published in Romance Monsters, a new Medium publication that focuses on changing the way we look at romance by breaking the stigma and being real about love.

Edie Tuck

Written by

Edie Tuck

Writer - editor - nature enthusiast - worshiper of Gaia - self-love advocate - empty nester - simple-life seeker extraordinaire! ~ Own Your Journey ~

Romance Monsters

Let’s get real about love and relationships.

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