4 ways our subconscious talks to us

Our subconscious mind is always vying for our attention. The simplest way in which it communicates with our conscious mind is through feelings. There is no random thought or feeling. Everything comes from a past experience that got registered in our subconscious mind.

There are broadly 4 ways in which the subconscious mind communicates with us :

  1. Anxieties and Phobias : Our neurology is constantly trying to protect us from things that represent a threat to us. If a person has a fear of heights, it’s quite possible that as a baby he fell off the first step of a ladder and his neurology registered that. Hence, creating fear of heights as a way of protecting him in future. Anxieties work in a similar manner. The fear created in the mind will get us to fight or flight (avoid a person or situation completely). Again a way of keeping us safe.
  2. Dreams : When we sleep our conscious mind checks out giving way to our subconscious mind to do the work. Our dreams help our subconscious mind to communicate back to our conscious mind. Sometimes we remember our dreams. Sometimes there is a recurrent dream or a pattern followed by our dreams. We might not consider this to be important but I think it is. Go over what you remember and see if there is a message in it for you. There is nothing called a ‘random thought’. All thoughts come from something we have already experienced. The dream will usually fit into something that was emotionally charged for us.
  3. Idle thoughts : What are we thinking about when we are idle? Most of us think that thoughts we have when we are sitting idle are unimportant. They are just some things that come to us since we are sitting free. This is the biggest misconception. Our idle thoughts speak volumes about what is stored in our subconscious mind. There are people who can’t meditate or sit idle even for five minutes as their thoughts would just nuke them. Well, that is an indication of the amount of energy (usually negative) that is spinning in the subconscious mind. This can sap a person of his very life force because for every unit of energy you store in your subconscious you need another another unit of energy to keep it there.
  4. Manifestations in the body : The subconscious is nothing but the meat suit. So, your body could develop sensations such as butterflies in the stomach, palpitations in the heart, etc. based on a good or bad feeling coming up for you. When you have a headache or any other body ache its your subconscious mind trying to communicate something back to you. Maybe it needs your attention to resolve something of importance. Likewise, manifestations in the body can also be seen when you have good feelings like when you are looking forward to something enjoyable.

The subconscious mind is the most powerful part of us and the most under utilised one as well. We are unable to tap into a tenth of the power we actually have. One way to use it better is to look for signals that it throws up. It is constantly talking to us using the above means. Question is, are we listening?