NY TIMES case study1. : SWOT


  1. Website of NYT brings journalism in all forms like readable articles, audio and video.
  2. It has won 108 Pulitzer prizes more than any other news organization.
  3. Its website receives more than 30 million unique visitors per month.
  4. Mobile application are available to access content on android and iphone along with ipad.


  1. The newspaper has been criticized for failure of reporting famine in Ukraine.
  2. One of its reporters was accused of plagiarism and later got arrested.


1.Can generate more revenues online by entering into partnership with other websites.

2.Introduce innovative features which grab attention with less criticism.

3.Improve the sales by marketing on large scale via Internet.


1.Increasing competition from other newspapers.

2.Parodies and negative reviews act as a roadblock.

3.Lawsuits can be filed for misrepresentation in an form.

4.Social network

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