service design

Online problem

  • Better online application
  • Didn’t know about website or could apply online.
  • Unaware of Calfresh.
  • Radio Annouce, Billboards, Poster, TV sports, youtube video, Preparedness/what to bring


Define goals and metrics

Select customer segment-“Persona”

Sketch initial journey map-phases

Observe for insight and empathy

Summarize observations-build the map

Identify key pain points

Prioritize action steps

Implement action steps and measure impact
 — — — — — — — -

You Can Solve With The Customer Journey Map

1.Creating a Seamless Omni-Experience

2. Closing Gaps Between Departments

3. Understanding Your Data


  • Bottleneck at document checking
  • By studying customer journey. Most of the problem are people don’t have all the documents.
  • If people don’t have document ready just waste time at security.
  • Waiting for interview is 30 minutes to 2 hours.


  • Eliminate bottleneck by emulating Airport system.

Use Kiosk for checklist to check all document first and then go tosecurity check to enter the building

If you have all documents ready.

put in your phone #.

The kiosk will text you 15 minute before your turn.

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