Pre-Course Week 1

or how to terminal 💻

Bash? Zsh? Fish?

Monday — June 6

  • Got our invitation for Slack, this morning! 🍾
  • Started chatting with my cohort.
  • Around 18:45, had our first Google hangout, which lasted 30 minutes. (thought, it was going to be longer.) Topics were; content, learning objectives, structure, pairing, problem solving, communication, expectations, work/life balance, working patterns, blogging and most importantly, having fun. 🎉
  • An hour later hangout ended, received our first instructions, which are hosted on Github:
    - Reading materials about command line & version control (git) 
    - A command line challenge
  • Rather than diving in, ended up chatting with my cohort until sleeping.

Tuesday — June 7

  • Had quick look to GitHub repository, but didn’t start working.

Wednesday — June 8

  • Thanks to Dave Taylor & Rick Umali, I didn’t have to spent reading all the material from beginning to end. Just skimmed them and seemed like already learned most of it, if not all.
  • Remembered; learning doesn’t mean that I don’t need to go over the books, while working on the challenges.
  • However, reading about both command line and git before the pre-course helped me to complete the challenge in one sitting (a long one sitting, but still a one sitting). 💃🏻

Thursday — June 9

  • Realised that I forgot to add, commit & push last step! 😒
  • Completed Practical Vim Chapter 4.

Friday — June 10

  • Started on Practical Vim Chapter 5
  • Updated Zsh by using homebrew.
  • Installed Oh-My-Zsh.
  • Got scared and deleted oh-my-zsh.

Saturday — June 11

  • Installed Oh-My-Zsh back. Still scared.
  • Started playing around with it. Got less scared.
  • Installed Powerleve9k theme (sounds easy, but took 4 hours!) and customised it (and another 4 hours). 😂
  • Ended up learning a bit about z-shell scripting.
  • Wrote a post about how to install Oh-My-Zsh.

Sunday — June 12

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