Week 4

or Databases

The last seven days were the easiest week I had in Makers Academy. The focus was on databases and how to implement them to web apps. It turns out; you circle around the computer and dance while repeating “A ring ding ding ding d-ding baa aramba baa baa barooumba”. This process, automatically allows you to create, read, update and delete databases. And they say, programming is hard! Amateurs…

Monday — July 25

  • A short stand-up.
  • Intro to Postgresql.

Tuesday — July 26

  • Morning stand-up.
  • Using Datamapper for Postgresql.
  • Hello to Heroku 👋🏻.

Wednesday — July 27

  • Started the day with a short stand-up.
  • My pair had some personal problems so, I watched DataMapper related videos until 12:00.
  • Had some problems with our code base. Wasn’t able to push to Heroku. It turns out, when Rspec is written with uppercase ‘R’ in the gemfile, Heroku doesn’t like it (even though the code worked fine in both of our local machine).
  • After fixing the issue, continued pairing until the rest of the day.

Thursday — July 28

  • A morning stand-up followed by an hour of group chat about DataMapper Core.
  • Paired for the rest of the day.

Friday — July 29

  • Started the day with pairing.
  • Had a nasty config problem which took 1.5h to solve! 😒 It’s weird that these nasty problems tend to take too much time however, always require very minimal change in the code base!
  • After lunch, had our retro & confidence survey.
  • Continued to pairing for additional 1.5 hours.

Saturday — July 30

  • Spent some time with .vimrc & added new plug-ins.
  • Revisited week’s challenge.

Sunday — July 31

  • Spent all my Sunday on week’s challenge.
  • Only completed first user story of the weekend challenge.

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