Answers to the most common questions. (Part 1 of 3)

We are often asked questions about Roobee. Here we have assembled some of the most popular questions and answered them.

  1. What is the Roobee platform?

— Roobee is an international blockchain-based investment service for non-professional investors with genuine statistics. It is built on the principles of security, transparency of operations, ease of use and access, automatization of investments and personalized asset management.

2. What is your mission, your goal?

— Roobee’s mission is to allow anyone with a low income to invest even $10 in investment products that are usually only available to large institutional players, qualified investors, millionaires and foundations. That’s why we put parity of investment opportunities at the heart of our concept.

3. What is the main idea of Roobee?

— Roobee is a platform that will open up access to the world of investment for everyone. With Roobee intelligence, users will be able to build their investment portfolio in minutes.

The ability to invest from $10 in any investment product (cryptocurrency, stocks, venture markets), including those with a large entrance threshold.

For example, Roobee will allow its user to take part in such projects, which were previously available only to a closed circle of investors. For instance, a user could invest in winning projects at Techcrunch and other similar contests. There will even be an opportunity to invest in the IPO.

4. Tell me more about Roobee Blockchain?

Blockchain is implemented for:
Providing transparent and trust worth statistics in Roobee
Each investment product in Roobee has real, genuine blockchain statistics that shows: 
 — How much money users have sent to investment products and how much money they have received back;
 — What is the real profitability for each investment product;
 — How many users have invested in current investment product, etc.

Anti Hack
Each investment of the user will be recorded in the blockchain, proving its existence and belonging to the user. No one will be able to tell the user that he has not committed this investment, as it will be recorded in the blockchain. This applies to exchange rates, investment terms, information on profitability and other data.

Digitization and storage of assets
Roobee wants to provide access to the international investment market for investors with different ammounts of capital and give the opportunity to invest from $10 in those investment products that were previously available only to qualified and Institutional investors. To do this, there will be the use of asset splitting and the pool system; moreover, the creators of assets can be Roobee or partners. Users as a symbol of ownership of an asset will receive tokens that are a digitally-typed counterpart of the underlying asset.
The storage of such assets will also be implemented in a decentralized manner, using a wallet in the form of a browser extension or mobile application. This means that Roobee will not have access to customer funds.

5. What is the minimum investment threshold for Roobee?

— Roobee will give the opportunity to anyone, regardless of their income level, to invest from $10 into investment products such as venture funds, IPO, real estate market, etc., which previously used to be accessible only to big-capital owners.

6. In what currency will you accept deposits?

— Roobee will not charge a direct commission for the purchase of investment products. At the same time, the Roobee token will help to reduce commissions from third-party services and partners.

7. What type of wallet will be used in Roobee?

— For convenient and safe operation of the service, we use Roobee Wallet — internal decentralized purse, which gives the possibility of storage, as well as exchange of cryptocurrency through the software interface of interaction with exchanges (API). Alternatively, it is safe to store their crypto-assets, customers of the service can use the solution BitGo, which is applied by such market players as UPbit, Pantera Capital, CME Group, Kraken, Genesis, SBI, Ripple and many others.

8. What is the circulating supply of roobee token?

— At the moment, Roobee tokens are not in free circulation. There were no listing yet. And private investors are big players and they play long. + Tokens have a lockup period.

The total number of tokens produced will be 5,400,000,000.

◉ 54% of tokens will be allocated for sale and distributed among investors.
◉ 15% will be distributed among the founders and the project team with a lockup period
◉ 10% will be allocated to reward pool used for compensation to participants of affiliate program for service promotion and attraction of new clients, as well as reward to customers using the gaming elements of the service.
of 1 year and subsequent unlock of 10% of volume each 30 days.
◉ 13% of tokens will be allocated for the reserve fund.
◉ 4% will be allocated to advisers, consultants and strategic partners with a lockup period
◉ 4% of tokens will be allocated for airdrops and other promo-activities for project popularization.

9. Do you have MVP? Can I take a look?

— Yes.

Currently, MVP is in closed-test mode, but soon we will be able to show it to our first followers!

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