Artem Popov, co-founder of Roobee, attended the blockchain and cryptocurrency conference — Cryptospace.

Artem Popov, co-founder of Roobee and a 300,000+ member community of investors, attended the largest blockchain and cryptocurrency conference — Cryptospace.

Over 3000 participants attended the conference, 59 experts of the blockchain industry spoke as speakers, including William Mougayar, Eric Gu, Bryant Nielson, Kristof Van de Reck, Richard Kastelein, Miko Matsumura, Ted Lin, and many others.

The conference was comprised of six sections:

◉ Blockchain implementation;

◉ Cryptocurrency development;

◉ ICO Due Diligence;

◉ Crypto trading and crypto exchanges;

◉ Press and media in blockchain;

◉ PR and marketing in blockchain.

Artem Popov with Ted Lin, Chief Growth Officer at Binance

Artem Popov met and talked with Ted Lin. Artem interviewed him and asked a few questions. Ted liked the idea behind our “Buffett’s $10” project and subscribed to the channel.

Ted Lin is the Head of International Markets at Binance. At the conference, he spoke on the topic “The specifics of crypto trading and cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan”. During the speech, he stated his position pretty baldly: “I think that cryptocurrencies will conquer the world by 2019”. So far, a surprisingly low number of people own cryptocurrency, only a few million, but if the exponential growth of the market continues, this situation will change quickly.