Artem Popov, co-founder of Roobee, met on the blockchain-cruise with Charlie Lee.

Artem Popov, co-founder of Roobee and a 300,000+ member community of investors, met on the blockchain-cruise with Charlie Lee.

Artem Popov with Charlie Lee of Litecoin and Coinbase

Charlie Lee is one of the first crypto enthusiasts who does not conceal his identity and is known for a high level of public activity. Lee is the creator of the world’s third cryptocurrency, Litecoin, and is an expert in many blockchain-related areas.

The meeting took place in a pretty unconventional setting. Just imagine — a cruise in the Mediterranean which gathers hundreds of professionals, famous influencers and crypto enthusiasts from all over the globe. It was an amazing opportunity to relax and at the same time learn about the latest trends in the crypto industry and blockchain development alike.

Artem Popov and Charlie Lee had a chat about cryptocurrency and the crypto market in general. After some pleasant onboard conversations, Charlie Lee gave a presentation on Litecoin. Just a few days prior, Litecoin Core v0.16.2 had been launched to fix some issues, improve the network’s performance and expand its functionality. During the talk, Charlie Lee touched upon technologies, the project’s future, and compared Litecoin with other projects.

The main part of the event was held on Ibiza, ending with a crazy party on the heavenly beach of the fabulous island.